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Wilson Award Winners for 1999.

Five individuals and one team will share this year's Edgar Wilson Award for comet discoveries by amateurs -- worth an estimated $20,000 total. According to the IAU's Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams, the winners are Peter Williams (Australia) for his discovery of C/1998 P1; Roy Tucker (U.S.A.) for P/1998 QP54; Michael Jager (Austria) for P/1998 U3; Justin Tilbrook (Australia) for C/1999 A1; Korado Korlevic and Mario Juric (Croatia) for P/1999 DN3; and Steven Lee (Australia) for C/1999 H1. Details about the award itself appear in IAU Circular 6936 and at

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Publication:Sky & Telescope
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Date:Oct 1, 1999
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