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Wilsanco turning into Greiner.

The Northern Irish packaging producer Wilsanco Plastics Ltd. is to be fully integrated into the network of Greiner Packaging. The company will be renamed Greiner Packaging Ltd.

Besides the new name there is also a top-modern high-bay warehouse. The building, stretching over 2,300[m.sup.2] and 22m high, amounts to 3.7m euros (2.5m [pounds sterling]). The new high-bay warehouse is the core of the operation and enables Greiner Packaging Ltd. to make its logistical processes even more flexible and cost-efficient.

The company located in Dungannon, Northern Ireland, employs a staff of 185, and is presently active on various markets such as dairies, delicacies, delicatessen, desserts, drinks and 5-gallon bottles. The technology they use is thermoforming, dry offset printing, sleeving, k3 and extrusion blow moulding.

In addition to an impressive improvement in logistics, the large investment brings further benefits, the warehouse is heated by the waste heat of the production equipment, thus saving energy costs. Jarek Zasadzinski, the managing director, explains: "Our new high-bay warehouse replaces four smaller warehouses saving much transport, and C[O.sub.2] emissions are largely reduced."

Greiner Packaging is one of the leading companies in the European packaging industry.

Contact Greiner Packaging on tel 028 8772 3131 or visit
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Date:Feb 1, 2008
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