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Wales-Lesotho twinning comes of age: twenty-one years after it was launched, the world's first nation-to-nation twinning is moving up a gear. Aug 1, 2006 745
Dealing with denial: Jessie Sutherland tells Paul Williams about the life-threatening experiences which brought her home in more ways than one. Editorial Apr 1, 2006 764
Where giants dare to tread. Dec 1, 2005 553
No bread without peace: Paul Williams discovers that security is not just a military issue. Oct 1, 2005 1032
Back from the edge: hate of his father pushed Kofi Bassaw Quartey to crime. Now he campaigns for integrity in Africa. Biography Aug 1, 2005 824
No 151's bid for freedom: Melville Carson tells Paul Williams about his 'great escape' from guilt and bitterness. Interview Jun 1, 2005 898
Jones by name. Brief Article Apr 1, 2005 142
Revival in the pits. Brief Article Apr 1, 2005 146
Poetry in architecture. Brief Article Apr 1, 2005 105
Mobile-free zone. Brief Article Apr 1, 2005 80
Wales forever! Brief Article Apr 1, 2005 96
Start small. Brief Article Apr 1, 2005 88
The truth at any cost: Phyllis Cameron-Johnson tells Paul Williams how paying a train fare, meeting Navajo visitors to her school and a canoeing accident shaped her life. Interview Dec 1, 2004 1021
A passion for Wales & the world: when Carl Clowes applied for a job as a doctor in North Wales, he could not have foreseen that it would lead him to launching the UK's first cooperative village--or becoming Honorary Consul for Lesotho. Aug 1, 2004 1330
Dental fire sparks new approach: Paul Williams tells the story of an Indian dentist who saw his surgery razed to the ground. Aug 1, 2004 663
Addressing child trauma in Sierra Leone. Jun 1, 2004 654
Balancing between two truths. Jun 1, 2004 503
Restoring a Bosnian jewel. Apr 1, 2004 406
Beyond hunting, shooting and fishing: the once dilettante scion of a Scottish business family tells Paul Williams of the revolution that God brought to his life. Apr 1, 2004 873
Aids poses new challenges for Wales-Lesotho link. Feb 1, 2004 455
Green shoots of cooperation in a multifaith world: living with other faiths is about being at home in your own religion and learning to be a guest in others. Oct 1, 2003 1194
Police chief engages in Welsh dialogue. Aug 1, 2003 385
Hitching a miracle. Aug 1, 2003 834
Welsh on the up. (Ear To The Ground). Jun 1, 2003 188
Sydney's rival. (Ear To The Ground). Jun 1, 2003 118
Grey power. (Ear To The Ground). Jun 1, 2003 96
A powerful people. (Ear To The Ground). Jun 1, 2003 175
Wales' answer to Hollywood. (Ear To The Ground). Jun 1, 2003 107
Jazz and spirituality: a trip to India transformed life and music for Uwe Steinmetz. He talks to Paul Williams. (Turning Point). Interview Apr 1, 2003 862
The making of an historian: Paul Williams discovers how Robin Mowat found his path in life in the turbulent 1930s. Feb 1, 2003 927
Saving lives in the shanty town: at the age of 23, Diana Patricia Pabon-Ramirez has already devoted more than a decade to tackling the social problems of her Colombian community. Dec 1, 2002 1310
Cycling for others (Jenny Pye organized a bike ride around Lesotho). Dec 1, 2002 624
`I knew what I should do': ... Me Mokokoane, a pioneer of women's enpowerment in Lesotho. Dec 1, 2002 932
Cycling for others. (People: making a difference). Dec 1, 2002 624
`I knew what I should do': Paul Williams meets Me Mokokoane, a pioneer of women's empowerment in Lesotho. (Turning Point). Dec 1, 2002 932
Free, frank and fearless: why would a successful Kenyan salesman give up his career in order to become a thorn in his government's flesh? Bedan Mbugua, editor of `The People', talks to Paul Williams. (Profile 2). Interview Apr 1, 2002 1224
Radio wave on human rights. (People Making A Difference). Interview Feb 1, 2002 293
Everybody matters on a shrinking planet: good governance starts with individuals ... Oct 1, 2001 1300
From stones to water: (Daphne Brown raises money for provide water to remote Zimbabwe villages). Aug 1, 2001 430
Dialogue in Wales: (conference seeking a uniting vision for Wales). Jun 1, 2001 155
Clearing the picture: (Jim Sharp invents a process to enhance picture reproduction in newspapers). Jun 1, 2001 782
Worshipping at a different altar: Tony Reynolds was a high flier until a change of motive led his career into a seeming backwater... Apr 1, 2001 800
Cement for community: (Pierre Semaan - director of a large cement factory in Albania invests in his workforce). Feb 1, 2001 332
Finding food for the soul. Feb 1, 2001 665
Bringing conservation into the mainstream: where would you go for a solar cook book? Paul Williams visits a pioneering Welsh centre. Dec 1, 2000 829
Seeing beyond the job: Peter Hinton. Dec 1, 2000 763
Albania begins to see daylight: Paul Williams looks for signs of hope in a country that has suffered more than most. Aug 1, 2000 2031
Twenty years in Albanian labour camps: the leader of Albania's Muslims, Haxhi Hafiz Sabri Koci tells Paul Williams how he kept his faith in prison. Aug 1, 2000 1261
Learning to trust again: (Laura Trevelyan). Aug 1, 2000 838
Fateful words in the changing room: (Gordon Wise and MRA). Jun 1, 2000 735
Finding a purpose in life: Goretti Nguyen. Apr 1, 2000 730
How Dodds brightened up his game: fifties cricket star TC `Dickie' Dodds tells Paul Williams why he started hitting the ball harder. Feb 1, 2000 645
Building community in Wales. Feb 1, 2000 295
It all began at school: (Joseph Karanja is involved in cleaning up corruption in Kenya). Dec 1, 1999 747
Black belt tackles blackspots. Aug 1, 1999 564
Stepping into the unknown: Paul Williams tells the story of an accountant who decided to put God before his pay cheques. Jun 1, 1999 611
Welsh prepare for devolution. Jun 1, 1999 524
Giving Bologna's immigrants a voice. Dec 1, 1998 389
`So you are the one who destroyed my village'. Dec 1, 1998 640
Towards a sympathy of civilizations: Paul Williams attends an intergenerational conversation on ethics for the next century. Oct 1, 1998 849
Creating a life for Gwion. Oct 1, 1998 683
Decision in Jabalpur. Jun 1, 1998 674
How to rule Britannia? Welshman Paul Williams asks what Scotland's and Wales's votes for devolved parliaments will mean for Britain. Apr 1, 1998 1511
SAS man hears it on the radio. Apr 1, 1998 792
Out of the blue. Oct 1, 1997 782
Books for Lesotho. Aug 1, 1997 269
Linking farmers across the globe: what does `one world' mean to a farmer? Jun 1, 1997 1313
Consider the birds. Apr 1, 1997 630
From atheism to faith. Feb 1, 1997 752

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