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William Yates, MD, Presents Revolutionary Robotic Surgery During Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Meeting.

The ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant and ARTAS Hair Studio Bring Outcomes Into The Future

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Restoration Robotics, Inc., the global leader in robotic hair transplantation, will have William Yates, MD, present ARTAS Hair Studio(TM) and the ARTAS[sup.] Robotic System on Wednesday, June 18[] from 2:00 pm - 3:00pm Tower Ballroom 1 during the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Meeting at The Bellagio Hotel.

Dr. Yates, a Chicago area cosmetic surgeon, is one of three beta sites to offer ARTAS Hair Studio. During his talk, "The ARTAS [sup.] Robotic Hair Transplant and ARTAS Hair Studio Delivers Quantum Leap Forward In Technology and Hair Transplant Outcome Modeling," Dr. Yates will highlight the benefits of ARTAS Hair Studio, a new interactive tool designed to enhance the patient consultation experience. The application helps physicians plan a personalized simulated outcome for each patient. In addition, the software generates a realistic three-dimensional patient model on a touchscreen tablet that allows the physician to customize an aesthetic hair transplant design - changing hairlines, hair distribution densities and growth directions, providing results viewable from every angle.

Successful procedures and ensuring patient satisfaction start by helping each patient feel confident with his potential aesthetic outcome. Dr. Yates will address how ARTAS Hair Studio lets patients visualize and provide input on their simulated hair transplant design during the consultation process. This innovative tool heightens each patient's engagement level, improves physician/patient communication and transforms the consultation into a truly interactive experience.

With ARTAS Hair Studio, physicians can view a three-dimensional image of their patient's head, evaluate different placement options for the grafts, and be able to show the patient what they may look like after their transplanted hair grows in. The simulated hair transplant design can be saved and transferred easily to the ARTAS Robotic System for recipient site making.

In the past, one of the obstacles in hair restoration was realistically illustrating how a patient may look with varying numbers of grafts and different graft placement options. Until ARTAS Hair Studio, patients had to imagine their possible future end result versus being able to see the modeled outcome on their own personal photographic images.

"The ARTAS ROI is priceless," states Dr. Yates. "The technology elevates the level of transplantation that previously was rudimentary to something that is noteworthy and reproducible. ARTAS extends the scientific platform behind hair transplantation, allowing the physician to design, create, set and deliver realistic outcomes."

Yates' talk is designed to help other physicians learn how to use the ARTAS Robotic System and ARTAS Hair Studio to attract more male patients and grow practice revenues. He will share his personal experience on how he embraced ARTAS and accelerated his hair transplant case volume dramatically.

"Nothing is stronger than when your patients are selling your services for you," comments Dr. Yates. "We've found that ARTAS generates patient advocates and another way for us to cultivate our male patient base. With ARTAS Hair Studio, our practice has a new sector of educated men coming to see us with the specific procedure and results in mind."

The ARTAS Robotic System

The ARTAS Robotic System was created after nearly a decade of research and remains at the forefront of the latest advancements in minimally invasive hair transplantation. It is the first and only FDA-cleared computer-assisted, physician-controlled robotic hair transplant technology.

The ARTAS Robotic Procedure offers innovative technology with three key benefits: precision, control, and reproducibility. The ARTAS Robotic System dissects individual follicular units accurately and consistently, hundreds to thousands of times in a single session*.

The ARTAS Robotic Procedure provides superior visual access to the hair follicles, letting physicians efficiently harvest individual follicular units. The ARTAS Robotic System displays the patient's scalp magnified on a 55" screen so the surgeon can evaluate the field. Picturing the surface in three dimensions, the ARTAS Robotic System uses programmed algorithms to select and remove the most robust follicles. Only the necessary amount of the best donor hair is harvested, physicians can adjust settings without interrupting the procedure, and the robot is able to compensate for patient movement. The ARTAS Robotic Procedure has been a real advantage for patients who wear their hair short where a visible linear scar in the donor area would have previously been an aesthetic concern and for patients who prefer not to have sutures following surgery.

Restoration Robotics will have a booth, #105, located on the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Meeting Exhibitor Showroom.

* Data on File.

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