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William Blake's Skewers of Barbecued Tyger, Lamb, Green Peppers and Onions.

William Blake's Skewers of Barbecued Tyger, Lamb, Green Peppers and Onions

In this recipe, guarded by the Blake family for generations, your
guests need not ask "Little Lamb, who made thee? / Dost thou
know who made thee?" One bite will tell them that you not only
diced and sizzled the tender lamb parts, but you also framed the
symmetry of Tyger cuts. Follow this recipe and you shall make all
the vales rejoice.


   One little lamb, cut up in small parts
   One tyger, set on fire so it is burning bright
   6 large green peppers
   6 onions harvested by the stream
   One bottle of good red wine
   One cup of tears


After the tyger has burned bright for several hours, douse the fire
with red wine, and water heaven with your tears. On an anvil,
twist the sinews of the heart until your guests smile your work to
see. Alternate tyger sinew with lamb squares (approximately 1/4th
of an inch to each side), slices of pepper, slices of onions. Be sure
your barbecue is burning hot but beware--"What the hand dare
seize the fire." Cook three minutes to a side, turn skewers over
for another 3 minutes. Say a blessing ("Little Lamb, God bless
thee!"). Serve piping hot.
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Date:Sep 22, 2010
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