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Will there ever be justice for Palestine?

INCREDIBLE to think that the Berlin wall came down 25 years ago, sad to think that hundreds of people were killed trying to break free.

With the benefit of hindsight it is even more evil, that the international community has allowed Israel, to build a wall around the Gaza strip to imprison the people of Palestine. This wall is also topped with sniper towers from where anyone who approaches the wall are shot dead, even children, no one is allowed to escape.

The wall around Gaza is just as evil as the wall the Nazis built around the Jewish ghetto in Poland as it serves the same purpose, to allow an aggressor to enjoy the spoils of war, and to imprison the local population.

Incredible to think that three countries conspired to give part of the land of Palestine to form the nation of Israel and that Israel then took most of the rest of Palestine by force. Even though this contravenes international law they have not only refused to give this land back but have been allowed to imprison the indigenous people of Palestine. Why have no sanctions or trade embargoes been imposed? This is allowed because, while there is a land of Palestine, the Palestinian people have no state or nation and if they try to defend or free themselves they are labelled as terrorists!

This year the wrongful killing of three Jewish boys lead to the reprisal killing of thousands of innocent Palestinian civilians including UN workers by Israel while the world looked on and did nothing. Will there ever be justice for the people of Palestine? P Watkins Gethin Street, Abercanaid, Merthyr Tydfil

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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Geographic Code:7ISRA
Date:Nov 13, 2014
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