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Will there be justice?

Byline: Aamir Shahzad-Rawalpindi

THIS refers to the letter 'A daughter's appeal' (Aug 11) which I found to be extremely disturbing. I have been a frequent traveller on the route between Rawalpindi and Jauharabad, and can understand the mental anguish of the writer.

The route is monopolised by the bus service - Rana Brothers - as they are the sole owners the only air-conditioned bus service that runs on the route. Their service is pathetic, to say the least, as drivers violate traffic rules and frequently misbehave with passengers.

I am witness to staff using abusive language and humiliating hapless passengers who have no option but to suffer in silence or to do what the writer's father did and face what the writer's father faced.

The drivers and conductors are proud of their 'contacts' and support within police and local administration. They know ways to silence anyone who dares to question and demand service standards, safe driving and a decent attitude.

Disgusted by their ill-mannered staff, or should I say goons, I stopped using their services three years ago.

However, the said letter rekindled so many bitter memories, though I doubt anything positive would come out of it. Rudeness and brutality will reign supreme as before with no one taking notice of this incident as those at the helm of affairs have their own priorities.

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Author:Aamir Shahzad-Rawalpindi
Publication:Dawn (Karachi, Pakistan)
Date:Aug 23, 2021
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