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Will poisonous plastics take you to the undertaker? (Junior Division).

The purpose of this project was to see if plastics emit a poison. If they do, would it have any effect on planarians? The project started off by testing 24 planarians, with a train-a-tray, to determine their bias direction. They were sorted into four groups and exposed to plastic-contaminated water, and one group of eight not exposed to any plastics. Upon checking the planarians, it was found that the vinyl record group and the IV bag group had a 100% death rate, the plastic wrap and the plastic plate had a 50% death rate, and the control had a 0% death rate. The remaining planarians were then placed in the train-a-tray, one at a time, to reverse their bias by shocking them until they went the other way 415 times or 80% The shock average for the control group was 3.4 shocks, the average shocks for the plastic wrap group was 15.5 shocks, and the highest average of shocks was the plastic plate group which was 16.5 shocks. As predicted, the control group did better than the groups exposed to plastic. It is apparent, then, that plastics might emit poisonous toxins that, with long-term exposure, could cause health problems.

Nathan Schmidt, Merino Junior High School
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Author:Schmidt, Nathan
Publication:Journal of the Colorado-Wyoming Academy of Science
Article Type:Brief Article
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Date:Apr 1, 2002
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