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Will Scott's Fear Of Heights End His And Brooke's 'Amazing Race?'.

He's managed to get through not one, but two other tasks that played on his fear of heights, but "Amazing Race" Season 29 contestant may finally reach his breaking point on the Thursday, May 18 double episodes of the show.

In a preview clip for the episodes, "I Thought We Were Playing It Nice" and "Riding A Bike Is Like Riding A Bike," teams are faced with not one, but two, Switchback tasks originally seen in seasons 3 and 9, and one in particular will be the one that potentially paralyzes Scott with another fear-and jeopardizes his and Brooke's recent rise to the top half of remaining teams.

In the clip, teams are seen having to prepare for a Roadblock task, which only one member performs, that involves bungee jumping off of a bridge. The task is a Switchback, meaning it was completed on a past season of the show, and the task is from season 9. Then, teams had to choose one member to bungee jump down into the Corinth Canal before receiving their next clue. This time around, the task will occur before the teams leave Greece, meaning they'll have to complete it to find out where their next destination is. After Brooke completed the last two Roadblock tasks, Scott will take on this one, but when he realizes it involves bungee jumping, he will realize it's a big mistake.

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"Oh my God," he says in the clip. "I can't let go. I'm so scared!"

Though Scott has faced his fear of heights twice before on the race-he rappelled down a building while washing windows in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and also climbed up a stack of wooden pallets in Norway, this task will be different because it involves the bungee jumping. Not only is Scott scared of heights, but falling as well, something he opened up about in his ( pre-race interview with CBS.

"I can't fathom anything that deals with heights or falling, so that's my downside," he said at the time.

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If Scott cannot complete the task, then he and Brooke will accrue a two-hour penalty at the Pit Stop, meaning they won't be allowed to check in until the penalty has passed. Even if they arrived first, if the remaining teams finished before their penalty was up, they could be eliminated.

However, the Switchback which seems to paralyze Scott isn't the only task from another season that the teams will see. The race will take them to Vietnam following the Roadblock in Greece, as evidenced by a task that Becca and Floyd are seen completing. The task, which involves biking with a large load of products attached, was previously seen in the third season of the show.

"The Amazing Race" double episodes air Thursday, May 18 at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.

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