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Will Ray J Tell Princess His Secret On 'LHHH' Season 4?

While it is important to form new relationships and strengthen bonds, on "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" Season 4, episode 3, the cast will have some of their most sacred relationships put to the test and some individuals may not be strong enough to get past the latest hurdles in life.

"Teairra's new man clashes with her social circle," the synopsis for "New Bae" says. From the looks of the promo, Teairra has finally found love but will this be the beginning of a toxic romance?

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In the promo for the VH1 series, Nia can be seen asking Teairra's new boyfriend, "Love & Hip Hop" star Cisco Rosado, if he has been helping her with her past issues, referring to her problem with alcohol.

Even though Cisco says that Teairra is getting better at controlling her abuse of alcohol and he has been helping her, Nia seems to doubt Cisco and further presses him about encouraging Teairra to make a change in life.

It looks like her inquiries may have upset him because Cisco can be seen storming away from the table after being questioned by Teairra's friends.

The singer, who looks intoxicated, begins to argue with her friends accusing them of not supporting her. When Teairra finally makes her way outside to go find Cisco, he tells her she needs to choose between him and her friends.

Before the "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" Season 4, episode 3 promo ends, Teairra can be seen stumbling down the street walking away with Cisco. Will Teairra's new relationship ruin her friendships?

"Chanel leaps to her friend's defense at Safaree's party," the synopsis for the VH1 series also says. In the promo that aired following Monday night's episode, Brooke can be seen telling Jade that she needs to stop running her mouth about Marcus, however, Jade explains that she helped him get divorced so they can be together.

In the previous episode, Lyrica told Brooke that Marcus was actually sleeping with his paralegal, Jade. Brooke then planned to confront Jade about the romance at Safaree's event where Chanel is performing and from the looks of the"New Bae" promo, it's clear that the ladies' first meeting won't be a civil one.

Later on in the promo, Brooke can be seen telling Marcus that he needs to call Jade to come meet them. Although it is unclear what happens during their conversation, Brooke seems ready to attack. Will Marcus be able to talk his way out of this love triangle?

"Ray J's secret weighs on his conscience," the synopsis continues. Princess and Ray have been struggling to conceive and in the promo, it looks like he hasn't let princess know that he has a low sperm count and is part of the reason why they have not been able to have a baby.

In the video, Princess can be seen holding a negative pregnancy test and begins to cry. Although Ray comforts her, it's clear that it is going to take more than a hug to fix this problem.

Elsewhere, "Lyrica issues a startling demand to A1," the synopsis teases. In the promo, Lyrica tells A1 that he cannot sign any female artists. Later on, the couple is seen sitting with female musicians. During their sit down, A1 introduces Lyrica and tells the artist that she is going to explain why he can sign them.

Lyrica can then be seen throwing a drink in A1's face out of anger. Will their latest disagreement cause a rift in their marriage?

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"Alexis and Solo's relationship hits a snag," the synopsis concludes. Although not much is known about Alexis' new boyfriend, the couple is supposed to be in L.A. in order to be together and further their careers. However, since her arrival, Alexis has spent a majority of her time going after Masika.

Will her behavior tear the couple apart or is there something else causing issues in their relationship?

"Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" Season 4, episode 3 airs Monday, Aug. 7, at 8 p.m. EDT on VH1.
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