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Will Die Drowning: Eeraknaduna Shigani.

Will Die Drowning

   After a long while
   I died.
   Died drowning in love's tide.
   How can one live when one has drowned?

   It's not any fault of mine
   If I loved another man's woman,
   I am entirely without blame.

   At October's demented gaze
   I couldn't be calm
   When springtide's coloured lips brushed me
   Crazed, I ran all the way to Heinoubok's pond.
   Naxalite maiden,
   Where did we meet?
   Was it at the edge of Heinoubok's pond
   Or at Hooghly's shores?
   Can we foretell happenstance?
   How did you lie in my lap
   Before I could know you?

   You beckoned during monsoon:
   New peepal out on stalks
   Driven wild in June rain
   Laughed booking at us all the while.

   How will I not die then?

   Even when night grows late the rain won't stop
   But keeps pouring on.

   How will I sleep?
   I will die, that's certain
   Drowning in love's tide,
   If it doesn't stop raining,
   If spring doesn't come out of madness.

(Translated by Robin S. Ngangom)

Robin S. Ngangom is a poet and translator who writes in English and Manipuri. He is a winner of the Katha Translation Prize.

Yumlembam Ibomcha has three volumes of poetry in Manipuri, a collection of short stories and a translation of U.R. Anathamurthy's Samskara. He is the recipient of the State Kala Akademi Award for literature and two Sahitya Akademi Awards, one of them for translation.

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Author:Ibomcha, Yumlembam; Ngamgom, Robin S.
Publication:Marg, A Magazine of the Arts
Article Type:Poem
Date:Dec 1, 2020
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