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Will & Grace.

ABC may be scared to feature a lead character who's gay, but NBC is not. And come this fall the new comedy Will & Grace will once again test whether America is ready for prime-time gays. The series--its pilot was directed by TV legend James Burrows (Taxi, Cheers)---stars hunky Eric McCormack (yep, he's not gay) as attorney Will Truman (yep, he's gay). Debra Messing plays Grace Adler, an interior designer and Will's best friend. Together they'll explore the friendship that exists between the sexes when sex doesn't get in the way. A word of caution: Don't expect Will to wave the rainbow flag as fiercely as Ellen Morgan did in her final out-and-proud season. The show's creators have already distanced themselves from Ellen DeGeneres's canceled series, telling Daily Variety's Army Archerd, "We have no intention of making the same mistake."
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Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
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Date:Jul 7, 1998
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