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From the basics of diagnostic tools used daily to treat dogs and cats to over 275 procedures and tests and the latest information on applying procedures to cases, Shelly L. Vaden, et. al.'s BLACKWELL'S FIVE-MINUTE VETERINARY CONSULT: LABORATORY TESTS AND DIAGNOSTIC PROCEDURES CANINE & FELINE (9780813817484, $99.99) provides physicians and vet students with a quick reference offering fast access in a clinical setting. Practicing vets and reference libraries will find this invaluable. Also invaluable is Margaret V. Root Kustritz's CLINICAL CANINE AND FELINE REPRODUCTION: EVIDENCE-BASED ANSWERS (9780813815848, $79.99), designed to provide quick answers to the most common questions in animal practice using a question-and-answer format for fast reference. The best references are listed for further information while questions come from the author's years of experience answering questions on reproduction and pediatrics. Practicing vets will find this an important reference. Alexander F. Voevodin and Preston A. Marx Jr.'s SIMIAN VIROLOGY (9780813824321, $199.99) is the first text to comprehensively cover all currently known simian viruses, offering a review of nonhuman primate models of viral diseases and natural inflections alike. From primate taxonomy to the history, classification and structure of simian viruses, this is key to any comprehensive vet collection where simians are of concern. General veterinary collections from libraries to practicing vet references will find Liz Welsh does an excellent editing job in ANAESTHESIA FOR VETERINARY NURSES (97811405186735, $67.99), a survey written specifically for veterinary nurses by veterinary nurses and surgeons. Coverage of the range of physiological and pharmacological aspects of anesthesia have been fully updated and reflect the latest changes to veterinary nursing. Deborah Reeder, et. al. edit AAEVT'S EQUINE MANUAL FOR VETERINARY TECHNICIANS (9780813829715, $59.99), a gathering of details on the care and treatment of horses recommended for equine vet technicians. The basics of equine care are offered in a complete reference that includes resources, discussions of nutrition and reproduction, biopsy procedures, commonly used antibiotics, and more. Mary C. Smith and David M. Sherman's GOAT MEDICINE (9780781796439, $174.99) appears in a fully revised second edition offering a definitive, updated reference on goat diseases, diagnosis, management and prevention. It's been fully revised to discuss new diseases and provides keys to understanding both common and unusual goat conditions, covering the basics of goat practice and health. Antony S. Moore and Angela E. Frimberger's ONCOLOGY FOR VETERINARY TECHNICIANS AND NURSES (9780813812762, $69.99) provides a fine handbook of cancer care for technicians, covering stages, causes, treatments, and the nursing role throughout. From the technician's role throughout the process to treatment strategies and emergency care, this is a fine survey any veterinary library needs. Veterinary collections strong in equine references need EQUINE BACK PATHOLOGY: DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT (97811405154925, $139.99), edited by Frances M.D. Henson. It's the first to explore conditions and problems of the horse's back and pelvis, especially challenging to treat and diagnose, and offers insights into specific conditions and both therapy and rehabilitation. A powerful technical survey, it's a top pick for any equine vet's collection. Vet and animal libraries also need Helen E. Roberts' FUNDAMENTALS OF ORNAMENTAL FISH HEALTH (9780813814018, $69.99), a complete guide to the health of ornamental aquatic animals. Fish medical care is covered in a fine survey of nonlethal aquatic medicine covering clinical applications of fish medicine and summarizing the latest diagnostics and even surgery techniques. Fish health technical guides are rare, making this a 'must' addition for any serious college-level vet collection.
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