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Summary review and synthesis: effects on habitats and wildlife of the release and management of pheasants and red-legged partridges on UK lowland shoots. Sage, Rufus B.; Hoodless, Andrew N.; Woodburn, Maureen I.A.; Draycott, Roger A.H.; Madden, Joah R.; Report Dec 1, 2020 9849
Grey seal Halichoerus grypus recolonisation of the southern Baltic Sea, Danish Straits and Kattegat. Galatius, Anders; Teilmann, Jonas; Dahne, Michael; Ahola, Markus; Westphal, Linda; Kyhn, Line A.; Pa Report Dec 1, 2020 7049
Designing a fence that enables free passage of wildlife while containing reintroduced bison: a multispecies evaluation. Laskin, David N.; Watt, Dillon; Whittington, Jesse; Heuer, Karsten Report Dec 1, 2020 8301
Very Busy Beavers: Why scientists are bringing these rodents back to the streams where they once lived. Grunbaum, Mara Sep 1, 2020 1178
Short Communication - Breeding Variation in a Reintroduced Crested Ibis Nipponia nippon Population in Central China. Report Jul 23, 2020 2500
The Wolves of Yeilllowstone Unwind Trophic Cascade. Cohen, Julie Jul 1, 2019 644
Long-term viability of a reintroduced population of roe deer Capreolus capreolus, in a lowland area of northern Italy. De Pasquale, Davide; Dondina, Olivia; Scancarello, Elisa; Meriggi, Alberto Report Mar 1, 2019 8839
Impact of capture and chemical immobilization on the spatial behaviour of red deer Cervus elaphus hinds. Becciolini, Valentina; Lanini, Francesco; Ponzetta, Maria Paola Report Jan 1, 2019 5516
Habitat Evaluation for Reintroduced Crested Ibis (Nipponia nippon) in Dongzhai National Nature Reserve, China, Based on a Maximum Entropy Model. Zheng, Liumeng; Wang, Yanmei; Zhu, Jiagui; Wang, Ke; Cai, Dejing; Qin, Yuanzhao; Guo, Yuming; Niu, H Report Aug 31, 2018 5518
Assessing the reproductive status of a breeding, translocated female giant panda using data from GPS collar. He, Ke; Qing, Jing; Zhang, Zejun; Yang, Biao; Zhang, Kan; Huang, Feng; Yang, Zhisong; Dai, Qiang; Gu Report Aug 1, 2018 3936
Leave the Door Open. Editorial Jun 22, 2018 524
Saving Slow Lorises: How the illegal pet trade is endangering these cute animals. Bleicher, Ariel Feb 1, 2018 1868
Comeback Cats. Brief article Dec 11, 2017 143
Should We Bring Back Extinct Species? Novak, Ben J.; Bennett, Joseph Dec 11, 2017 2294
Arabian Oryx numbers increase in the UAE. Dec 1, 2017 515
Initial movements of re-introduced elk in the Missouri Ozarks. Bleisch, Amy D.; Keller, Barbara J.; Bonnot, Thomas W.; Hansen, Lonnie P.; Millspaugh, Joshua J. Report Jul 1, 2017 7683
Impacts of man-made provisioned food on learned cub behaviours of giant pandas in pre-release reintroduction training. Zhang, Mingchun; Huang, Yan; Hong, Mingsheng; Zhou, Shiqiang; Huang, Jinyan; Li, Desheng; Li, Rengui Report Apr 1, 2017 6293
Towards a successful reintroduction of capercaillies--activity, movements and diet of young released to the Lower Silesia Forest, Poland. Merta, Dorota; Kobielski, Janusz; Theuerkauf, Jorn; Gula, Roman Report May 1, 2016 3775
NOTHING TO SEE HERE: New Guidance for Interpreting Wildlife. Hibberd, Paul Mar 1, 2016 1148
SHORT COMMUNICATIONS - Chinese Water Deer (Hydropotes inermis) Reintroduction in Nanhui, Shanghai, China. Chen, Min; Pu, Aorui; He, Xin; Zhang, Endi; Ding, Youzhong; Wang, Tianhou; Cai, Youming; Pei, Enle; Report Oct 31, 2015 1234
Dear Earthtalk: is the gray wolf still endangered in the United States and how successful have reintoduction efforts been? Renquist, Loren Apr 20, 2014 580
Zoo Biol.: Reintroduction medicine: whooping cranes in Wisconsin. Keller, D.L.; Hartup, B.K. Brief article Mar 1, 2014 222
Reintroducing elk to the Great Smoky Mountains: vast herds of elk once grazed throughout North America, but were eradicated in the East more than a century ago. Can they be reintroduced? Love, Joseph Sep 22, 2013 2433
A tale of two wolves. Dutcher, Jim; Dutcher, Jamie Sep 19, 2013 785
Salamander success story. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 160
Return of the wild. Federman, Adam Mar 22, 2013 3474
Clackamas River bull trout reintroduction: placing bull trout on the path towards recovery. Allen, Chris; Koski, Marci Jan 1, 2013 883
Forecasting the range expansion of a recolonising wild boar Sus scrofa population. Saito, Masayuki; Koike, Fumito; Momose, Hiroshi; Mihira, Tosaku; Uematsu, Seiji; Ohtani, Toru; Sekiy Report Dec 1, 2012 4704
Spatio-temporal variations in age structures of a partially re-established population of northern river otters (Lontra canadensis). Barrett, Dominic A.; Leslie, David M., Jr. Report Oct 1, 2012 6308
Yellowstone Wolf Project. Mossotti, Travis Poem Sep 22, 2012 1765
Ranchers upset, others celebrate as bison return. Jul 1, 2012 151
Toddlers with trunks: orphaned elephants find a safe home in Africa. Binns, Corey Cover story Apr 1, 2012 859
Never giving up work continues on: Mexican Wolf recovery. Rinkevich, Sarah E.; Murphy, Wally; Barrett, Sherry Jun 22, 2011 1004
Home-range size and spatial organization of black-footed ferrets Mustela nigripes in South Dakota, USA. Jachowski, David S.; Millspaugh, Joshua J.; Biggins, Dean E.; Livieri, Travis M.; Matchett, Marc R. Report Mar 1, 2010 6679
Oyster gardeners: New Jersey students reintroduce oysters to the local waterways. Hamalainen, Karina Oct 5, 2009 1506
Recovering a strange, elusive gravedigger. Dikeman, Hayley Mar 22, 2009 1358
Reintroducing rare beetles to Ohio. Selbo, Sarena M. Mar 22, 2009 385
A challenging future for the black-footed ferret. Gober, Pete Mar 22, 2009 1059
Black-footed ferrets return to Kansas. Mulhern, Dan Mar 22, 2009 903
Factors preventing the recovery of a historically overexploited shellfish species, Ostrea lurida Carpenter 1864. Trimble, Alan C.; Ruesink, Jennifer L.; Dumbauld, Brett R. Report Mar 1, 2009 7966
Oyster shells as vectors for exotic organisms. Cohen, Andrew N.; Zabin, Chela J. Report Mar 1, 2009 4949
J Wildl Dis.: Postmortem evaluation of reintroduced migratory whooping cranes in eastern North America. Cole, G.A.; Thomas, N.J.; Spalding, M. Reprint Mar 1, 2009 187
Reintroducing rare beetles to Ohio. Selbo, Sarena M. Jan 1, 2009 382
A challenging future for the black-footed ferret. Gober, Pete Jan 1, 2009 1056
Black-footed Ferrets return to Kansas. Mulhern, Dan Jan 1, 2009 900
Restoring endangered species on the Pueblo of Santa Ana. Nishida, Catherine; Schroeder, Nathan Dec 22, 2008 923
Bringing back the bonytail and the razorback. Mueller, Gordon; Carpenter, Jeannette Sep 22, 2008 966
Restoring endangered species on the Pueblo of Santa Ana. Nishida, Catherine; Schroeder, Nathan Apr 1, 2008 942
Predators return. Callaway, Ewen Brief article Mar 1, 2008 203
The Red Panda Project. Brief article Sep 22, 2007 86
Smithsonian National Zoo scientists raise elkhorn coral larvae for reintroduction. Brief article Jul 1, 2007 194
A bird's-eye view: juvenile peregrine falcons introduced at New River Gorge. Kirkwood, Scott Jun 22, 2007 631
Call for more dingoes to restore native species. Millen, Tracey Oct 1, 2006 425
Seven black-footed ferrets to be reintroduced. Brief article Jul 1, 2006 288
Rodent communities of native woodland, replanted, and secondary succession sites in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas. Sternberg, Mitchell A.; Judd, Frank W. May 1, 2006 6524
Ferrets test freedom at Vermejo Park Ranch. Truett, Joe Mar 1, 2006 816
Wolf (& consequence): in the fall of 1995, wolves were reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park. And in the decade since, some unexpected things have happened. Kirkwood, Scott Jan 1, 2006 1823
Assessment of translocation of Blanchard's Cricket frog (Acris crepitans blanchardi) in Southeast Michigan. Rickard, Ariana Jan 1, 2006 5915
In response to: assessment of translocations of Blanchard's cricket frog (Acris crepitans blanchardi) in southeast Michigan. Sonntag, Edythe Jan 1, 2006 5222
Seven endangered Hawaiian palila released. Brief article Jan 1, 2006 143
White-winged guans reintroduced to Chaparri community ecological reserve, Peru. Brief article Jan 1, 2006 228
A burning question: forest fires leave nothing but a cold, charred, lifeless expanse in their wake. Or do they? Kirkwood, Scott Jun 22, 2005 777
One step closer to key deer recovery. Byers, Bert Jan 1, 2005 612
A partnership to grow plovers on the plains. Davis, Chuck Jan 1, 2005 796
Recovery planning in the 21st century. Motivans, Karene; Crouse, Debby Jan 1, 2005 1158
Region 3. Jan 1, 2005 948
One step closer to key deer recovery. Byers, Bert Jan 1, 2004 613
Whooping Cane (Grus americana). Jan 1, 2004 220
Steep slopes of recovery. Cohn, Jeffrey P. Jul 1, 2003 3172
Sending surrogates to the rescue. Burton, Ken Mar 1, 2003 685
Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. (Region 1). Brief Article Mar 1, 2003 130
American burying beetle (Nicrophorus americanus). (Region 5). Brief Article Mar 1, 2003 130
Red wolf fostering is a success. (News from Zoos). Jan 1, 2003 496
Towards an endangered species reintroduction paradigm. (applications). Reading, Richard P.; Clark, Tim W.; Kellert, Stephen R. Jul 1, 2002 3416

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