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Monkey Crossing: How building a bridge could help save golden lion tamarins in Brazil. Potenza, Alessandra Feb 1, 2019 2154
Reclaiming Land for Wildlife Habitat: Whether for recreational enjoyment or hunting purposes, put some life back into reclaimed land. Herbert, Jason Jul 1, 2018 1329
CLEAN POWER AND HEALTHY HABITATS--Working Together to Improve our Environment. DePriest, Tim; Morgan, Michael Apr 1, 2018 1770
Water is life in the desert: Moreno springs rehab site is an oasis for rare animals in the Mimbres River. Springer, Craig Mar 22, 2016 992
Fenced in: are fences the best way to keep Africa's lions safe? Warren, Stephanie Apr 1, 2014 1246
Return of the wild. Federman, Adam Mar 22, 2013 3474
Bear in mind: coyotes are taking the heat for increased fawn predation, but research indicates black bears share the blame in many regions. Are they affecting deer populations, and can hunters do anything about it? Hart, David Mar 22, 2013 1542
Animal highways: can scientists protect animals by connecting their habitats? Warren, Srephanie Feb 1, 2013 1043
Securing a future for the bird of fire. Deloria, Christie Dec 22, 2011 1111
Record floods shore up interior least tern habitat. Ledwin, Jane Dec 22, 2011 945
Habitat reserve problem-solving: desperately seeking sophisticated intermediaries. Colburn, Jamison E. Mar 22, 2011 20310
Making enemies into allies. Stewart-Cox, Belinda Mar 22, 2010 1108
The tigers of Bangladesh. Greenwood, Christina J.; Ahmad, Ishtiaq Uddin Mar 22, 2010 1146
Can supplementary feeding be used to redistribute moose Alces alces? Sahlsten, Jonas; Bunnefeld, Nils; Mansson, Johan; Ericsson, Goran; Bergstrom, Roger; Dettki, Holger Report Mar 1, 2010 4108
P&Y announces 2009-2010 conservation grants. Feb 1, 2010 230
The QDMA recognizes two Bowhunter staff members. Fortenbaugh, Brian Dec 22, 2009 206
Year 2010 to put more pressure on poaching in China: Jairam Ramesh. Dec 9, 2009 283
Habitat characteristics of winter roost sites of wild turkeys in Trans-Pecos, Texas. Perlichek, Kory B.; Harveson, Louis A.; Warnock, Bonnie J.; Tarrant, Billy Dec 1, 2009 4852
The wolf crisis: while sportsmen in the Rocky Mountain states are getting totally Fed up with an ever-increasing wolf population that has devastated the moose, elk and deer populations in some areas, the 2009 hunting season may be a pivotal point in this heated controversy when prudent wildlife management finally wins the day. Lampe, Jeff Oct 1, 2009 2508
Ocelots and the heritage of Texas. Leggett, Karen Sep 22, 2009 967
Scientific wildlife management in Ohio: the legacy of Paul B. Sears. Townsend, Thomas W. Report Sep 1, 2009 4948
Forsaking the truth. Dobie, Duncan Aug 1, 2009 616
Wildlife management succumbs to politics; governors try to solve states' financial woes by stealing from hunters and anglers. Samuel, Dave Aug 1, 2009 1030
The business of backyard bowhunting: relying on sound planning, bowhunters once again prove their ability to manage urban deer. Winand, C.J. Aug 1, 2009 1475
Full of weak excuses to evade the Hunting Act. Jun 9, 2009 373
Hunting with dogs is a moral pursuit; country matters. Jun 2, 2009 349
Governor, don't divert the money. May 29, 2009 673
Changes in vegetation patterns and their effect on Texas kangaroo rats (Dipodomys elator). Nelson, Allan D.; Goetze, Jim R.; Watson, Elizabeth; Nelson, Mark Report May 1, 2009 3978
Non-game enthusiasts hunting for seed money. Apr 21, 2009 604
Open spaces, beautiful places: Land Trust wants your help. Apr 9, 2009 658
A bioeconomic analysis of management plans for the public oyster grounds of the Rappahannock River. Santopietro, George D.; Stephenson, Kurt; Satyal, Vijay A.; Wesson, James Report Apr 1, 2009 5831
Stepping up recovery for the Houston toad. Najvar, Paige A. Mar 22, 2009 813
Hungry goats restore bog turtle habitat. Reshetiloff, Kathy Mar 22, 2009 792
Two California butterflies wing toward recovery. Weagley, Stephanie Mar 22, 2009 853
Barcoding life: demystifying the project that aims to classify the world's 32 million species using only a short strand of DNA ten ROM biologists report. Lim, Burton K. Mar 22, 2009 4881
Factors preventing the recovery of a historically overexploited shellfish species, Ostrea lurida Carpenter 1864. Trimble, Alan C.; Ruesink, Jennifer L.; Dumbauld, Brett R. Report Mar 1, 2009 7966
Contemporary approaches for small-scale oyster reef restoration to address substrate versus recruitment limitation: a review and comments relevant for the Olympia oyster, Ostrea lurida Carpenter 1864. Brumbaugh, Robert D.; Coen, Loren D. Report Mar 1, 2009 12987
Politics take aim at wildlife management: when politicians and courts take over game management, game animals and hunters lose. Samuel, Dave Cover story Jan 1, 2009 807
Pope & Young announces conservation grants. Grimes, Roy Jan 1, 2009 217
The Kirtland's Warbler: interagency and international cooperation works. Ewert, David N.; Wunderle, Joseph M., Jr.; Eberly, Christopher W.; Huber, Philip W.; Carey, Eric Report Jan 1, 2009 3296
Hungry goats restore bog turtle habitat. Reshetiloff, Kathy Jan 1, 2009 790
Two California butterflies wing toward recovery. Weagley, Stephanie Jan 1, 2009 851
Partners protect habitat for rare salamander. Root, Roger Jan 1, 2009 351
Regional digest. Dec 12, 2008 563
Polar bear conservation in Canada: Defining the policy problems. Clark, Douglas A.; Lee, David S.; Freeman, Milton M.R.; Clark, Susan G. Dec 1, 2008 11974
Sentinel-based surveillance of coyotes to detect bovine tuberculosis, Michigan. VerCauteren, Kurt C.; Atwood, Todd C.; DeLiberto, Thomas J.; Smith, Holly J.; Stevenson, Justin S.; Dec 1, 2008 5166
Partnerships to conserve amphibian habitat. Milmoe, Joe Mar 22, 2008 624
Survival at stake: efforts made to preserve habitat and save orangutans. Ashley, Jeffrey; Galdikas, Birute Mary; Billharz, Suzanne Nov 1, 2007 959
Nation-wide decentralized governance arrangements and capacities for integrated watershed management: issues and insights from Canada. Robins, Lisa Country overview Nov 1, 2007 22122
Fish and Wildlife Management Assistance. Castellano, John; Kosa, Jarrad; Ris, Lauren; Hartsell, Leslie Jul 1, 2007 797
Apache trout: swimming towards recovery. Springer, Craig Feb 1, 2007 829
Hatchery breeds Wyoming's rarest toad. Springer, Craig Feb 1, 2007 850
Fountain darter parasites and conservation. Springer, Craig; Brandt, Tom Feb 1, 2007 700
Forging partnerships for habitat restoration. Miranda-Castro, Leopoldo Jan 1, 2007 954
Habitat and movement ecology of grizzly bears in the Mackenzie Delta, NWT. Edwards, Mark A. Dec 1, 2006 3056
Reimagining art & ecology: there's no place like home. Krug, Don Herbert Oct 1, 2005 633
The pioneer spirit and the public trust: the American rule of capture and state ownership of wildlife. Ritchie, Lucus Sep 22, 2005 27417
Agencies streamline permit process. Zimmer, Doug Jan 1, 2005 782
Partners restore coastal sage scrub habitat. DeSimone, Sandy Jan 1, 2005 405
Lake Erie water snake (Nerodia sipedon insularum). Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 134
Wading birds in decline. Mitchell, David Brief Article Sep 1, 2003 212
Down by the Green River. Butler, Robert S.; Kessler, Richie; Harrel, J. Brent Mar 1, 2003 980
Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. (Region 1). Brief Article Mar 1, 2003 130
We're glad to have glades. Mitchell, Kim Jan 1, 2003 508
Listing actions. Jan 1, 2003 2255
Las Vegas places its bets on habitat plan. Thompson, Randi Nov 1, 2002 820
Arizona tribal partnerships for wildlife. (Partners for Fish and Wildlife). Jakle, Marty; Humphrey, Jeff Nov 1, 2002 501
Peace and elephants return to Angola. (Angola). Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 187
Lewis & Clark's America: the Corps of Discovery left us a blueprint for a wild West. Wilkinson, Todd; Rauber, Paul May 1, 2002 3011
Restoring a desert oasis. Fraser, Jody; Martinez, Cynthia Mar 1, 2002 1193
Las Vegas places its bets on habitat plan. Thompson, Randi Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 820
Region 5. (Regional News and Recovery Updates). Jones, Shane Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 491
Southern Appalachian Biodiversity Project v. Fish and Wildlife Service: in Tennessee critical habitat suit, failure to designate critical habitat for endangered species is a "continuing violation" of the Endangered Species Act. Bergoffen, Marty; McCaleb, Joe Jan 1, 2002 2463
Wildlife Successes And Heroic Efforts. Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 298
New Habitat Conservation Plan Grants. Vickery, Hugh Sep 1, 2001 1010
MANAGEMENT OF FIELDS FOR NOCTURNAL USE BY WINTERING AMERICAN WOODCOCK. Welch, James R.; Krementz, David G.; Berdeen, James B. Jun 22, 2001 2797
Responses of grassland birds to management practices: lessons from the literature. (Symposium). Dechant, Jill A.; Johnson, Douglas H.; Goldade, Christopher M.; Igl, Lawrence D. Statistical Data Included Apr 1, 2001 1210
Bringing Mussels Back in the Southeast. Biggins, Richard G.; Butler, Robert S. Brief Article May 1, 2000 1313
Region 1. Brosseau, LaRee Brief Article May 1, 1999 654
Restoring Habitat Through Pesticide Management. Snyder-Conn, Elaine; Green, Mike; Johnson, Sam; O'Brien, Tom; Steffeck, Don; Stenquist, Scott Jan 1, 1999 1050
Habitat Restoration, Appalachian Style. Butler, Robert S.; Biggins, Richard G.; Murdock, Nova A. Jan 1, 1999 1170
Past, present and potential of fish assemblages in the Grand Calumet River and Indiana Harbor Canal drainage with emphasis on recovery of native fish communities. Moy, Philip B. Brief Article Jan 1, 1999 12079
"Islands" of Habitat in an Agricultural "Sea". Mazzola, Michelle S.; Vogel, William O.; Warren, Chris Nov 1, 1998 924
South Florida Multi-Species Recovery Plan. Jennings, Dawn Nov 1, 1998 611
Fixing All the Parts. Jewell, Susan D. Nov 1, 1998 504
Partners for Fish and Wildlife: A New Name for a Growing Program. Arnold, Jack Sep 1, 1998 956
Partnerships Take Flight. Waterstradt, Kurt Sep 1, 1998 788
Native Trout Rebound in the Blackfoot River. Neudecker, Greg Sep 1, 1998 618
Habitat Restoration in the North Carolina Sandhills. Campbell, Peter Sep 1, 1998 544
Longleaf Restoration Initiative. Goetz, Anita Sep 1, 1998 207
A Team Approach to Coastal Prairie Conservation. Arey, Steven D.; Erfling, Edith; Jones, Ronald K.; Rosignol, Terry A. Sep 1, 1998 554
Partners Restore Rare Serpentine Ecosystem. Mitchell, Laura Sep 1, 1998 743
Atlantic Salmon Watershed Collaborative. Wright, Jed Sep 1, 1998 720
Restoring an Atlantic White Cedar Bog. Wicker, Mike; Hinesley, Eric Sep 1, 1998 962
Peregrine to Soar Off Endangered List. Hoffman, Cindy Sep 1, 1998 1003
From Summer Range to Home Range? Sturm, Kenneth Sep 1, 1998 1052
Protecting a Flower-loving Fly. Grandberry, Shawnetta; Nagano, Chris Sep 1, 1998 1021
Roseate Tern Recovery: Progress and Challenges. Borkhataria, Rena R. Sep 1, 1998 1403
LISTING ACTIONS. Sep 1, 1998 594
Bird Conservation: More than Just Chasing the Tails. Schmidt, Paul R.; Petit, Daniel R. Jul 1, 1998 1616
Outfoxing the Fox. Boylan, Karen Jul 1, 1998 359
Partners in Flight-Canada. Kennedy, Judith Jul 1, 1998 490
Nature Tourism in the Rio Grande Valley. Burley, Jennifer Jul 1, 1998 647
Migratory Bird Conservation at Fort Hood. Boice, L. Peter Jul 1, 1998 589
DoD MAPS Future for Bird Conservation. Howard, Jacquelyn M. Jul 1, 1998 741
Returning the Birds to Faulkner's Woods. Mueller, Allan J. Jul 1, 1998 1146
Charting the Future of the Refuge System. Coleman, Rick Jul 1, 1998 492
The Wild Bird Conservation Act. Phillips, Mark Jul 1, 1998 784
A Tool of Persuasion. Greanias, Theodora Jul 1, 1998 894
Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge. Brown, Nancy C. Jul 1, 1998 1419
Listening to wildlife in the Everglades. Levin, Ted Jun 1, 1998 3730
Backyard wildlife habitat program extends outreach in 25th year. Brief Article Apr 1, 1998 2692
Habitat Conservation Plan for Sea Turtles. Zattau, Dawn Jan 1, 1998 1229
Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge. DeFreese, Duane; MacPherson, Sandy Jan 1, 1998 1006
Growing wild: take your home place (almost) all the way back to nature. Vivian, John Dec 1, 1997 7146
Turning deadwood into lively homes for wildlife. Dec 1, 1997 1013
Out of control! Exploding numbers of snow geese are bad news for Midwest farmers and an entire Far North ecosystem. Drew, Lisa; Madson, Chris Dec 1, 1997 1363
Giving Orchids a Helping Hand. Keibler, Jane Nov 1, 1997 817
Did They Think It Was Labor Day? Dierauf, Leslie Nov 1, 1997 587
Use of Radar for the Study of Rare Birds. Cooper, Brian A.; Henson, Paul; Raphael, Martin G. Nov 1, 1997 1209
Goldenseal: Facing a Hidden Crisis. Concannon, J.A.; DeMeo, T.E. Nov 1, 1997 918
Swainson's Hawk Gains New Protection. Hunter, Laurie Nov 1, 1997 474
Partnership To Protect Endangered Bats. Ellis, Dianna M. Nov 1, 1997 863
Mark Twain's Endangered Ecosystem. Richards, Lynda Nov 1, 1997 669
Restoring the "Hogwallows". Presley, Gail; Potter, Martin Nov 1, 1997 1258
Salmon Restoration at Columbia River Hatcheries. Maule, Judith Nov 1, 1997 1223
ON THE WEB. Bumbaca, Julia Nov 1, 1997 255
Wild success. Hess, Karl, Jr. Oct 1, 1997 6973
Wild Burros: Death Valley's 'aliens'? Hayhurst, Chris Sep 1, 1997 451
Bond Act benefits New York''s fish and wildlife resources. Jun 1, 1997 341
Adventures of Ranger Rick: after a couple of scares, the gang learns about helping some rare cats. Marshall, Jody Oct 1, 1996 1140
More facts. Oct 1, 1996 165
Homemade wetland. Jun 1, 1996 218
Artist for the animals: Lynne Hull. Walkinshaw, Catharine Jul 1, 1995 769
Frog friends. Fox, Sandy Apr 1, 1995 983
Haven in the desert. Casey, Carrie Jul 1, 1992 906
Should we downlist our national symbol? Thanks to factors from the DDT ban to its personal charisma, the bald eagle may soon soar off the endangered list. But then what? Casey, Carrie Nov 1, 1990 1666
Roadside bighorns. Reel, Sue Nov 1, 1990 381
Marsh magic. Anderson, Barb Nov 1, 1990 188
Pathway through the '90s. Robertson, F. Dale Nov 1, 1990 1386

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