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Wildlife at risk as oceans become more acidic.

THE oceans are becoming more acidic at a faster rate than for 65m years as a result of climate change, a report warned today.

The Marine Climate Change Impacts

Partnership (MCCIP) report card said the increasing acidity of the oceans caused by carbon dioxide could affect the climate further and hit wildlife..

The "ecosystem linkages" report, which looked at the links between different impacts of climate change, also said there had been large reductions in Arctic sea ice and declines in some seabirds as a result of changes to the seas around the UK.

It warned climate change could increase the likelihood of non-native species thriving in the UK's marine environment, while coastal communities faced threats such as flooding and opportunities, including tourism, in the future..
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Apr 28, 2009
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