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Articles from Wildlife Biology (June 1, 2020)

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A European perspective of the conservation status of the threatened meadow viper Vipera ursinii (BONAPARTE, 1835) (Reptilia, Viperidae). Console, Giulia; Iannella, Mattia; Cerasoli, Francesco; D'Alessandro, Paola; Biondi, Maurizio 7688
Abiotic and spatiotemporal factors affect activity of European bat species and have implications for detectability for acoustic surveys. Perks, Samantha J.; Goodenough, Anne E. 6291
Annual movement patterns of American common eiders Somateria mollissima dresseri. Mallory, Mark L.; Ronconi, Robert A.; Allen, R. Bradford; Dwyer, Chris; Lair, Stephane; Mallory, Con 7613
Association between weather and Dall's sheep Ovis dalli dalli harvest success in Alaska. Leorna, Scott; Brinkman, Todd; McIntyre, Julie; Wendling, Brad; Prugh, Laura 6664
Bad hare day: very low survival rate in brown hare leverets. Karp, Denise; Gehr, Benedikt Report 5693
Distribution of mountain hares Lepus timidus in Scotland in 2016/2017 and changes relative to earlier surveys in 1995/1996 and 2006/2007. Hesford, Nicholas; Baines, David; Smith, A. Adam; Ewald, Julie A. 7196
Dogs can scent-match individual Eurasian beavers from their anal gland secretion. Rosell, Frank; Kniha, David; Haviar, Milan 5933
Estimating harvest rate and the effects of hunting pressure on northern bobwhite survival. Wann, Gregory T.; Howell, Paige E.; Yeiser, John M.; Parnell, Ira B.; Martin, James A. 8040
Evaluating moose Alces alces population response to infestation level of winter ticks Dermacentor albipictus. Ellingwood, Daniel D.; Pekins, Peter J.; Jones, Henry; Musante, Anthony R. 4977
Factors affecting sharp-tailed grouse brood habitat selection and survival. Geaumont, Benjamin A.; Graham, Daniel L. 8671
Fluctuations in field vole abundance indirectly influence red grouse productivity via a shared predator guild. Ludwig, Sonja C.; Roos, Staffan; Baines, David 6822
Has the sex-specific structure of Finland's brown bear population changed during 21 years? Kojola, Ilpo; Hallikainen, Ville; Heikkinen, Samuli; Nivala, Vesa 4410
How conservation will be impacted in the COVID-19 pandemic. Neupane, Dinesh 1043
How many feces should be sampled from latrines? Spatial sampling biases affecting the dietary analysis of island raccoon dogs. Tsukada, Hideharu; Abe, Kaede; Takatsuki, Seiki; Minami, Masato 6717
Life on the edge: common slow pace of life but contrasted trajectories of alpine rock ptarmigan populations at their southern margin. Canonne, Coline; Novoa, Claude; Muffat-Joly, Bertrand; Resseguier, Jean; Desmet, Jean-Francois; Casa 8109
Long-term changes in the autumn migration phenology of dabbling ducks in southern Ontario and implications for waterfowl management. Thurber, Bethany G.; Roy, Christian; Zimmerling, J. Ryan 7955
Low-cost DIY GPS trackers improve upland game bird monitoring. Kauth, Hilary R.; Lonsinger, Robert C.; Kauth, Adam J.; Gregory, Andrew J. 5055
Manipulating forage and risk avoidance to increase white-tailed deer vulnerability to hunters. Houde, Nicolas; Tremblay, Jean-Pierre; Thiffault, Nelson; Cote, Steeve D. 7405
Moose calf detection probabilities: quantification and evaluation of a ground-based survey technique. Bergman, Eric J.; Hayes, Forest P.; Lukacs, Paul M.; Bishop, Chad J. 5998
Pack size in humanized landscapes: the Iberian wolf population. Fernandez-Gil, Alberto; Quevedo, Mario; Barrientos, Luis M.; Nufio, Angel; Naves, Javier; de Gabriel 6799
Quantifying effects of environmental factors on moose harvest in Interior Alaska. Hasbrouck, Tessa R.; Brinkman, Todd J.; Stout, Glenn; Trochim, Erin; Kielland, Knut 6761
Re-evaluation of the wolf population management units in central Europe. Gula, Roman; Bojarska, Katarzyna; Theuerkauf, Jorn; Krol, Wieslaw; Okarma, Henryk 5766
Sympatric mongoose species may opt for spatial adjustments to avoid feeding competition at Margalla Hills National Park Islamabad, Pakistan. Fatima, Hira; Janjua, Mahmood Tariq; Ali, Sakhawat; Akrim, Faraz; Farooq, Muhammad 5695
Terrestrial threats dominate the waterbird landscape of fear in a savannah pan wetland system. Tarakini, Tawanda; Mabika, Innocent; Dakwa, Farisayi; Mundy, Peter; Fritz, Herve 9427
The influence of habitat edge on a ground nesting bird species: hen harrier Circus cyaneus. Sheridan, Kathryn; Monaghan, Jason; Tierney, T. David; Doyle, Susan; Tweney, Charles; Redpath, Steve 7935
The influence of hunting pressure and ecological factors on fecal glucocorticoid metabolites in wild elk. Ensminger, David C.; Pritchard, Catharine; Langkilde, Tracy; Gingery, Tess; Banfield, Jeremiah E.; W 5601
Use of small unmanned aerial systems for sharp-tailed grouse lek surveys. Rischette, Alexander C.; Hovick, Torre J.; Elmore, R. Dwayne; Geaumont, Benjamin A. 4519

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