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Articles from Wildlife Biology (January 1, 2018)

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Accuracy and performance of low-feature GPS collars deployed on bison Bison bison and caribou Rangifer tarandus. Jung, Thomas S.; Hegel, Troy M.; Bentzen, Torsten W.; Egli, Katherina; Jessup, Lars; Kienzler, Marti Report 8726
Anthropic and natural factors drive variation of survival in the red-legged partridge in southern France. Souchay, Guillaume; Besnard, Aurelien; Perrot, Charlotte; Jakob, Christiane; Ponce, Francoise Report 8099
Antler manipulation procedures for use in social and behavioral studies of deer. Morina, Daniel L.; Demarais, Steve; Chesser, G. Daniel, Jr.; Lowe, J. Wesley; Strickland, Bronson K. Report 2735
Are oil and natural gas development sites ecological traps for nesting killdeer? Atuo, Fidelis A.; Saud, Pradip; Wyatt, Case; Determan, Benjamin; Crose, Jodie A.; O'Connell, Timothy Report 6223
Assessing patterns of barn owl Tyto alba occupancy from call broadcast surveys. Regan, Tempe; McClure, Christopher J.W.; Belthoff, James R. Author abstract 8904
Chronic wasting disease detection and mortality sources in semi-protected deer population. Schuler, Krysten L.; Jenks, Jonathan A.; Klaver, Robert W.; Jennelle, Christopher S.; Bowyer, R. Ter Report 5553
Demographic consequences of native fox predation on Socotra cormorants on Siniya Island, United Arab Emirates. Whelan, Roxanne; Clarke, Chris; Almansoori, Noora; Jaradat, Areej; Qadi, Nouf S. Al; Muzaffar, Sabir Report 8882
Dietary preference of Malayan sun bear Helarctos malayanus in Namdapha Tiger Reserve, Arunachal Pradesh, India. Sethy, Janmejay; Chauhan, Netrapal P.S. Report 6832
Effects of female body mass and climate on reproduction in northern wild boar. Bergqvist, Goran; Paulson, Sam; Elmhagen, Bodil Report 4725
Effects of food supplementation on the nesting dynamics of wild northern bobwhite. Buckley, Byron R.; Andes, Alicia K.; Dabbert, C. Brad Report 6233
Estimating sex-ratio, survival, and harvest susceptibility in greater sage-grouse: making the most of hunter harvests. Hagen, Christian A.; Sedinger, James E.; Braun, Clait E. Report 5733
European badger habitat requirements in the Netherlands--combining ecological niche models with neighbourhood analysis. Piza-Roca, Carme; Zelfde, Maarten van't; Haye, Maurice J.J. La; Jongejans, Eelke; Raes, Niels Report 7754
Evidence for an additive effect of hunting mortality in an alpine black grouse Lyrurus tetrix population. Zbinden, Niklaus; Salvioni, Marco; Korner-Nievergelt, Franzi; Keller, Verena Report 5939
Expanding the range of black grouse Lyrurus tetrix in northern England - can wild females be successfully translocated? Warren, Philip; Baines, David Report 5190
Forecasting cattle depredation risk by recolonizing gray wolves. Hanley, Zoe L.; Cooley, Hilary S.; Maletzke, Benjamin T.; Wielgus, Robert B. Report 11081
Getting the dietary knowledge to restore a missing species: seasonal diet of Atlas deer Cervus elaphus barbarus in Tazekka National Park, Morocco. Ismaili, Brahim; Diouri, Mohammed; Ouijja, Abderrahmane Report 4812
Home range and foraging habitat preference of Scopoli's shearwater Calonectris diomedea during the early chick-rearing phase in the eastern Mediterranean. Karris, Georgios; Xirouchakis, Stavros; Maina, Irida; Grivas, Kostas; Kavadas, Stefanos Report 8143
Incorporating productivity as a measure of fitness into models of breeding area quality of Arctic peregrine falcons. Bruggeman, Jason E.; Swem, Ted; Andersen, David E.; Kennedy, Patricia L.; Nigro, Debora Report 7716
Is chamois hybridization in the northern Dinaric Mountains an important factor for horn development? Kavcic, Kresimir; Brivio, Francesca; Grignolio, Stefano; Ugarkovic, Damir; Stankic, Igor; Safner, To Report 4776
Morphometric characteristics of free-ranging Eurasian lynx Lynx lynx in Switzerland and their suitability for age estimation. Marti, Iris; Ryser-Degiorgis, Marie-Pierre Report 7528
Parasitic infections of brushtail possums Trichosurus vulpecula in urbanised environments and bushland in the greater Perth region, Western Australia. Hillman, Alison E.; Lymbery, Alan J.; Elliot, Aileen D.; Ash, Amanda L.; Thompson, R.C. Andrew Report 5318
Partial meso-mammal predator removal positively affects northern bobwhite reproduction. Jackson, Alexander L.; Palmer, William E.; Sisson, D. Clay; Terhune, Theron M.; Martin, James A. Report 5924
Patterns of spatial distribution and migration phenology of common pochards Aythya ferina in the Western Palearctic: a ring-recoveries analysis. Folliot, Benjamin; Guillemain, Matthieu; Champagnon, Jocelyn; Caizergues, Alain Report 7192
Poor body condition and diet diversity in a harvested population of fishers. Kirby, Rebecca; Freeh, Carissa; Gilbert, Jonathan H.; Olson, John F.; Pauli, Jonathan N. Report 4024
Population estimation, distribution, and habitat preference of Irrawaddy dolphins Orcaella brevirostris (Owen in Gray, 1866) in the Brunei Bay, Malaysian waters. Mahmud, Anisul Islam; Jaaman, Saifullah Arifin; Muda, Azmi Marzuki; Muhamad, Hairul Masrini; Zhang, Report 10891
Population monitoring and modelling of yellow-shouldered parrot on Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands. Rivera-Milan, Frank F.; Simal, Fernando; Bertuol, Paulo; Boomer, G. Scott Report 8763
Potential effects of GPS transmitters on greater sage-grouse survival in a post-fire landscape. Foster, Lee J.; Dugger, Katie M.; Hagen, Christian A.; Budeau, David A. Report 4265
Quantifying the rate of replacement by immigration during restricted-area control of red fox in different landscapes. Porteus, Tom A.; Reynolds, Jonathan C.; McAllister, Murdoch K. Report 6217
Recognizing the danger zone: response of female white-tailed to discrete hunting events. Sullivan, Jeffery D.; Ditchkoff, Stephen S.; Collier, Bret A.; Ruth, Charles R.; Raglin, Joshua B. Report 6213
Scales of selection and perception: landscape heterogeneity of an important food resource influences habitat use by a large omnivore. Denny, Catherine K.; Stenhouse, Gordon B.; Nielsen, Scott E. Report 6121
Search strategies for conservation detection dogs. Glen, Alistair S.; Veltman, Clare J. Report 8183
Seasonal dynamics of forage for red deer in temperate forests: importance of the habitat properties, stand development stage and overstorey dynamics. Smolko, Peter; Veselovska, Alexandra; Kropil, Rudolf Report 7549
Spatiotemporal dynamics of mesocarnivore populations. Wang, Xingan; Wang, Guiming Report 5089
Survival of chicks and adults explains variation in population growth in a recovering red grouse Lagopus lagopus scotica population. Ludwig, Sonja C.; Aebischer, Nicholas J.; Bubb, Damian; Roos, Staffan; Baines, David Report 8755
Sustainable management of migratory European ducks: finding model species. Holopainen, Sari; Arzel, Celine; Elmberg, Johan; Fox, Anthony D.; Guillemain, Matthieu; Gunnarsson, Report 9821
The foraging ecology of reintroduced African wild dog in small protected areas. Vogel, John T.; Somers, Michael J.; Venter, Jan A. Report 8605
The relationship between physical injury, body condition and stress-related hormone concentrations in free-ranging giraffes. Wolf, Tanja E.; Valades, Gabriela Benavides; Simelane, Phumlile; Bennett, Nigel C.; Ganswindt, Andre Report 4391

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