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Articles from Wildlife Biology (January 1, 2017)

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'Video-scats': combining camera trapping and non-invasive genotyping to assess individual identity and hybrid status in gray wolf. Canu, Antonio; Mattioli, Luca; Santini, Alberto; Apollonio, Marco; Scandura, Massimo Report 7564
Age estimation of live arctic foxes Vulpes lagopus based on teeth condition. Chevallier, Clement; Gauthier, Gilles; Berteaux, Dominique Report 4574
Are camera surveys useful for assessing recruitment in white-tailed deer? Chitwood, M. Colter; Lashley, Marcus A.; Kilgo, John C.; Cherry, Michael J.; Conner, L. Mike; Vukovi Report 4588
Challenges of managing a European brown bear population; lessons from Sweden, 1943-2013. Swenson, Jon E.; Schneider, Michael; Zedrosser, Andreas; Soderberg, Arne; Franzen, Robert; Kindberg, Report 9956
Characteristics of successful puma kill sites of elk in the Black Hills, South Dakota. Lehman, Chadwick P.; Rota, Christopher T.; Rumble, Mark A.; Millspaugh, Joshua J. Report 7835
Comparison of methods for estimating Amur tiger abundance. Riley, Meghan; Soutyrina, Sveta; Miquelle, Dale; Hayward, Gregory; Goodrich, John; Buskirk, Steven Report 6763
Considerations on neonatal ungulate capture method: potential for bias in survival estimation and cause-specific mortality. Chitwood, M. Colter; Lashley, Marcus A.; DePerno, Christopher S.; Moorman, Christopher E. Report 3438
Current nature reserve management in China and effective conservation of threatened pheasant species. Zhou, Chunfa; Zhao, Yuzhe; Connelly, John W.; Li, Junqing; Xu, Jiliang Report 7097
Diet composition, quality and overlap of sympatric American pronghorn and gemsbok. Cain, James W., III; Avery, Mindi M.; Caldwell, Colleen A.; Abbott, Laurie B.; Holechek, Jerry L. Report 7580
Difference in exposure of water birds to covered and uncovered float muskrat sets. Gross, Rodney, Jr.; Tucker, Stephanie; Darby, Brian; Ellis-Felege, Susan N. Report 6094
Erratum. Correction notice 484
Evaluation of leg banding and attachment of radio-transmitters on ring-necked pheasant chicks. Carroll, J. Matthew; Hamm, R. Lee; Hagen, Jacob M.; Davis, Craig A.; Guthery, Fred S. Report 4384
Gray fox home range, spatial overlap, mated pair interactions and extra-territorial forays in southwestern Georgia, USA. Deuel, Nicholas R.; Conner, L. Mike; Miller, Karl V.; Chamberlain, Michael J.; Cherry, Michael J.; T Report 7542
Habitat selection and their interspecific interactions for mammal assemblage in the Greater Khingan Mountains, northeastern China. Guo, Kai; Liu, Hui; Bao, Heng; Hu, Jingui; Wang, Shoubo; Zhang, Weihua; Zhao, Yuzhuo; Jiang, Guangsh Report 6487
How do land-use practices affect human--elephant conflict in Nepal? Neupane, Dinesh; Johnson, Ronald L.; Risch, Thomas S. Report 6710
Is GPS telemetry location error screening beneficial? Ironside, Kirsten E.; Mattson, David J.; Arundel, Terence R.; Hansen, Jered R. Report 5165
Landscape selection by migratory geese: implications for hunting organisation. Jensen, Gitte Hoj; Pellissier, Loic; Tombre, Ingunn M.; Madsen, Jesper Report 7174
Looking for a common ground: useful knowledge and adaptation in wolf politics in southwestern Finland. Pellikka, Jani; Hiedanpaa, Juha Report 8004
Managing grassland for wildlife: the effects of rotational burning on tick presence and abundance in African savannah habitat. Goodenough, Anne E.; Harrell, Alison N.; Keating, Rachel L.; Rolfe, Richard N.; Stubbs, Hannah; MacT Report 5834
Minimising orphaning in the brown hare Lepus europaeus in England and Wales: should a close season be introduced? Butterworth, Andrew; Turner, Katy M.E.; Jennings, Nancy Report 4325
Mountain goat resource selection in relation to mining-related disturbance. White, Kevin S.; Gregovich, David P. Report 7374
No evidence for a 'warning effect' of blue light in roe deer. Brieger, Falko; Kammerle, Jim-Lino; Martschuk, Nadja; Ortmann, Sylvia; Hagen, Robert Report 3482
Novel tracking and reporting methods for studying large birds in urban landscapes. Davis, Adrian; Major, Richard E.; Taylor, Charlotte E.; Martin, John M. Report 5547
Precision and reliability of indirect population assessments for the Caspian red deer Cervus elaphus maral. Soofi, Mahmood; Ghoddousi, Arash; Hamidi, Amirhossein Kh.; Ghasemi, Benjamin; Egli, Lukas; Voinopol- Report 6394
Rearing conditions of greylag geese affect habitat choice throughout life. Ave, Maaike H.; Voslamber, Berend; Hallmann, Caspar A.; Stahl, Julia Report 5130
Reproductive success of mule deer in a natural gas development area. Peterson, Mark E.; Anderson, Charles R., Jr.; Northrup, Joseph M.; Doherty, Paul F., Jr. Report 4672
Saving time and money by using diurnal vehicle counts to monitor roe deer abundance. Pellerin, Maryline; Bessiere, Aurelie; Maillard, Daniel; Capron, Gilles; Gaillard, Jean-Michel; Mich Report 8570
Space use, movements, and rest site use by short-tailed weasels Mustela erminea in managed forests of western Oregon. Linnell, Mark A.; Epps, Clinton W.; Forsman, Eric D.; Zielinski, William J. Report 6698
Spatial patterns of co-occurrence of the European wildcat Felis silvestris silvestris and domestic cats Felis silvestris catus in the Bavarian Forest National Park. Beutel, Tanja; Reineking, Bjorn; Tiesmeyer, Annika; Nowak, Carsten; Heurich, Marco Report 5959
Temporal and spatial variation of broadcasted vocalizations does not reduce lion Panthera leo habituation. Belant, Jerrold L.; Bled, Florent; Mwampeta, Stanslaus B.; Mkasanga, Imani J.; Wilton, Clay M.; Fyum Report 3356
The dynamic nature of territoriality, transience and biding in an exploited coyote population. Morin, Dana J.; Kelly, Marcella J. Report 8317
The effects of landscape components, wildlife behavior and hunting methods on hunter effort and hunting efficiency of sika deer. Iijima, Hayato Report 4898
Thermal environment and microhabitat of ornate box turtle hibernacula. Milanovich, Joseph R.; Struecker, Brock P.; Warcholek, Stanislaw A.; Harden, Leigh Anne Report 5200
Ungulate population monitoring in an open tundra landscape: distance sampling versus total counts. Moullec, Mathilde Le; Pedersen, Ashild Onvik; Yoccoz, Nigel Gilles; Aanes, Ronny; Tufto, Jarle; Hans Report 8904
Weather affects temporal niche partitioning between moose and livestock. Herfindal, Ivar; Lande, Unni Stobet; Solberg, Erling Johan; Rolandsen, Christer Moe; Roer, Ole; Wam, Report 8544
Wintering bird responses to the presence of artificial surface water in a semi-arid rangeland. Tanner, Evan P.; Elmore, R. Dwayne; Davis, Craig A.; Fuhlendorf, Samuel D. Report 8365

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