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Articles from Wildlife Biology (June 1, 2010)

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Characteristics and dynamics of a regional moose Alces alces population in the northeastern United States. Musante, Anthony R.; Pekins, Peter J.; Scarpitti, David L. Report 14371
Dispersal of the raccoon dog Nyctereutes procyonoides into a newly invaded area in Central Europe. Drygala, Frank; Zoller, Hinrich; Stier, Norman; Roth, Mechthild Report 7076
Factors associated with hunter success for ducks on state-owned lands in Illinois, USA. Stafford, Joshua D.; Pearse, Aaron T.; Hine, Christopher S.; Yetter, Aaron P.; Horath, Michelle M. Report 6556
Feeding patterns of red deer Cervus elaphus along an altitudinal gradient in the Bohemian Forest: effect of habitat and season. Krojerova-Prokesova, Jarmila; Barancekova, Miroslava; Sustr, Pavel; Heurich, Marco Report 7482
Hunting impact on the population dynamics of Pyrenean grey partridge Perdix perdix hispaniensis. Besnard, Aurelien; Novoa, Claude; Gimenez, Olivier Report 5593
Investigating population dynamics in ungulates: do hunting statistics make up a good index of population abundance? Imperio, Simona; Ferrante, Massimiliano; Grignetti, Alessandra; Santini, Giacomo; Focardi, Stefano Report 5915
More female red foxes Vulpes vulpes on bait sites in spring. Galby, Jens; Hjeljord, Olav Report 2395
Nest predation in declining populations of common eiders Somateria mollissima: an experimental evaluation of the role of hooded crows Corvus cornix. Stien, Jennifer; Yoccoz Nigel G.; Ims, Rolf A. Report 7863
Spatial patterns of accumulated browsing and its relevance for management of red deer Cervus elaphus. Mysterud, Atle; Askilsrud, Harald; Loe, Leif Egil; Veiberg, Vebjorn Report 6491
The Ilnik wolf Canis lupus pack: use of marine mammals and offshore sea ice. Watts, Dominique E.; Butler, Lem G.; Dale, Bruce W.; Cox, R. Dave Report 3363
What is the spatial unit for a wintering teal Anas crecca? Weekly day roost fidelity inferred from nasal saddles in the Camargue, southern France. Guillemain, Matthieu; Devineau, Olivier; Brochet, Anne-Laure; Fuster, Jonathan; Fritz, Herve; Green, Report 3479

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