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Wildfire ReLeaf.

Back in April, employees and their families volunteered at one of AMERICAN FORESTS' Global ReLeaf projects, helping plant trees for ecosystem restoration. The devastated site of this planting is the result of the Angora Fire of 2007, which started when an illegal campfire spread to the surrounding forest. The blaze consumed thousands of acres, and required more than 2,000 firefighters ro contain it. The damage was so extensive that it also affected the hydrological system of Lake Tahoe: The reduction in the number of trees increased runoff and erosion into the watershed.


The Angora Fire Restoration Project in South Lake Tahoe, California is a part of AMERICAN FORESTS' Wildfire ReLeaf Campaign, a large-scale initiative started in 1999 to plant trees in areas specifically damaged by wildfires. In areas across the country, and in California especially, wildfires are an incredible threat to our nation's forests. Every year we lose literally millions of forested acres to fires, and due to increased drought and global climate change, that number increases every year. AMERICAN FORESTS is trying to restore some of these damaged forest ecosystems, but given the scope of the devastation, we need all the help we can get. To learn more, or to donate to plant trees, visit

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