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Wilderness wandering.

Some items I'd add to Wayne van Zwoll's advice on wilderness hunting (October 2009) are as follows. Spend as much time training to carry weight down the hill as up the hill. The exercises that he lists tax your lower body and cardiovascular system to train you for going up the hill. Going down the hill doesn't tax your cardiovascular system as much as going up the hill, but it does tax your lower body muscles in a different way that can be important when you're taking many loads of meat back to camp. Also, I'd not go somewhere while hunting where you can only find your way back with a GPS or compass. If you're out that far off your personal grid, then I hope you have a lot of fun trucking the horns and meat back that far. I bring a GPS to mark where the kill site is, even if it's only a couple hundred yards away from camp. But I don't use it to find my way back to camp as I know the area in which I am hunting well enough to do that without any navigation aids and I think that is the best approach for most of us to use if we're hunting wilderness without a guide.


Fort Collins, CO

Stanley D.Young

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Title Annotation:READERS SPEAK OUT
Author:Young, Stanley D.
Publication:Petersen's Hunting
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Feb 1, 2010
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