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Wildebeest herd takes on deadly Mara crocodile crossing.

Summary: A herd of 100,000 wildebeest attempts to cross Kenya's River Mara.

A desperate fight between wildebeests and Nile crocodiles has taken place on the Mara River that runs through Tanzania and Kenya.

A herd of 100,000 wildebeest gathered on the east side of the Mara River for a breathtaking river crossing.

After several leading wildebeests successfully crossed the river, the whole army followed.

A young wildebeest was captured by a huge Nile crocodile. The baby struggled for some time but was finally dragged down into the river. On the bank of the river, the mother of the youngster waited in vain for the arrival of her child. She watched on as her offspring was dragged under the water before rejoining the rest of the herd.

With only two wildebeests lost to crocodiles, most of the flock successfully reached the far side of the river and continued their migration after a brief rest.

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Publication:Independent Television News Limited (ITN)
Date:Jul 29, 2012
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