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Wild Ride: A Graphic Guide Adventure.

Wild Ride: A Graphic Guide Adventure written by Liam O'Donnell illustrated by Mike Deas Orca Book Publishers, 2007 978-1-55143-756-9 (pb) $9.95 for Grades 3 to 7

Wild Ride is another great example of the possibilities the graphic novel format has to offer! It is one part wilderness adventure story and another part instructional survival guide. Readers aged 8 to 12 will find the character dynamics both enjoyable and accessible; and educators will find curriculum bridges to the survival unit.

Set in "the butt end of British Columbia," city kids Devin, Nadia and Marcus find themselves stranded in the wilderness after their plane crashes en route to meeting their environmentalist parents. Gerald Wiley, the government bureaucrat accompanying them, instructs them on skills ranging from packing the necessities of a survival kit to building a lean-to shelter to creating a good campfire. But it isn't until Devin discovers a revealing letter addressed to Mr. Wiley that the adventure really begins! When the kids find out that Mr. Wiley is actually being bribed by the paper company that intends to log the area their parents are trying to save, they learn to work together to survive more than just the wild.

The novel's fun and colourful illustrations pair with a story that has a relevant environmental message. Teachers and librarians looking for stories with Asian protagonists will appreciate Wild Ride. I would definitely take it camping with me--a little knowledge goes a long way!


Susan Ma is a bookseller at Kidsbooks in Vancouver.

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Date:Jan 1, 2008
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