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Wii's Middle Ages antics lack imagination.


** Wii

THE Wii's hardly short of mini-game collections so, to rise above the established titles, developers have to deliver something special.

Unfortunately, Medieval Games fails to captivate due to stuffy controls and a lack of imagination.

From jousting, horse racing and repelling invaders from your castle, to the more obscure sport of shooting fruit, the game packs in plenty of bite-sized snacks. However, each time you and up to three friends play, the events are selected at random. This wouldn't be so bad if the games were fun but only a few of them prove to be entertaining.

The single-player modes are instantly forgettable, with the player forced to watch computer-controlled opponents slug it out on some events. Why is there no option to skip to the final results? With more than one of you in front of the TV, Medieval Games improves slightly.

But the hit and miss nature of the activities means a few hours trudging through the shallow tasks reveals all the collection has to offer.

Go for Wii Sports Resort instead for multiplayer fun.


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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Dec 4, 2009
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