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Wife's depressed about her figure.

Byline: Joan burnie

Q MY wife only wears trousers. She's got a really lovely figure and I'd like her to wear dresses and skirts, but she's convinced she's got fat knees and ankles.

Nothing I can say or do will convince her that they're not the slightest bit fat.

But is there some form of cosmetic surgery she could get which would extract the fat from them? If it would make her happy I would be willing to pay.

She really gets depressed about it and I am at my wit's end.

A I'M told that cosmetic surgery on ankles and knees is particularly difficult, if not well nigh impossible.

I believe Demi Moore had it done, but then she's had practically every part of her body replaced.

So I'm afraid all you can do is to continue to boost your wife's self-esteem.

The sad thing is that so many women get hung up on things which no one else really notices.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Nov 29, 2006
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