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Widower met, married and buried the love of his life in just 18 months; TERMINAL CANCER DIAGNOSIS ONLY MONTHS AFTER MEETING.


A HEARTBROKEN man has spoken out after he met, married and buried the love of his life - in the space of just 18 months.

Primrose Isterling lost her battle against cancer, during which she was treated at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.

She met her husband-to-be, Tim, on a night out in May 2016, but began to feel unwell after just three months.

She began to suffer acute stomach pains which doctors thought was merely an issue with her appendix.

But she continued to be in excruciating pain after an operation to have it removed and further investigations revealed the worst: it was cancer.

Doctors gave Primrose, from Tremeirchion, Denbighshire, the news that her Stage 4 colorectral cancer was terminal and she had just two years to live.

Describing the moment Primrose was given the diagnosis, Tim said: "It was like just watching a bombshell explode and everything we knew being torn apart.

"The first thing Prim and I did was to write a bucket list to make the most of the time she had left.

"Things like to go on holiday and go skiing were on the list.

"She thought about friends and her family and she wanted to do one thing with each of those people.

"It gave it her structure to her life and a purpose."

Primrose started chemotherapy straight away to try to reduce the effect on the lymph nodes.

"Treatment was really hard with ups and downs. She had serious heart problems at one point and she went on to a cardiac unit and that was really scary," said Tim. "But even in that moment we had some joy and memories of me, her mum and sister sneaking in a McDonald's! That was our Prim, always smiling.

"That's when I asked her mum if I could marry her.

"I knew the whole time we would lose Prim eventually, but I would have married her anyway.

"To give Prim that day and to spoil her was the right thing to do - to say I am by your side and you are what matters."

Tim proposed to Primrose at hospital surrounded by both their families. They married a year after they first met, in May 2017, in Primrose's home village of Tremeirchion.

Tim said Primrose never let her diagnosis get in the way of achieving her bucket list.

"She managed to complete all but two things on the list. She lived in such a positive way.

"Prim knew that regardless of her illness she wanted to live her life to the full and cram in as many adventures and as much fun as possible."

While Primrose was receiving treatment, she and her family were supported by a CLIC Sargent social worker who provided practical, emotional and financial support.

She died on December 9, 2017. Now Tim will run the London Marathon for the charity later this month to "give back and say thank you".

"It would have been a lot harder without CLIC Sargent's support," he said.

Jade Clarke, Major Runs Project Manager at CLIC Sargent, said: "The challenge Tim is taking on in memory of Primrose is amazing."

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Apr 16, 2019
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