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Widmer Brewing creates new beer.

Widmer Brewing creates new beer

With summer fast approaching, Widmer Brewing Co., of Portland, OR, has announced the production of a new seasonal beer, Sommerbrau.

The product, which became available on a draught-only basis last week, was created "enhance the long, hot days of summer," according to a Widmer spokesperson.

Besides the new Sommerbrau, Widmer produces three other seasonal beers: Oktoberfest for fall, Fest for winter, and Bock for spring enjoyment. These beers are joined by three full-time products, Weizen, Hefeweizen, and Alt.

All of the Widmer products are available only on draught.
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Title Annotation:Sommerbrau
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jun 10, 1991
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