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Wider adenovirus vaccination urged.

A new study suggests vaccinating against adenovirus Type 4--a cause of respiratory illness most commonly found in crowded military settings --at colleges, summer camps and long-term care facilities.

Published in February in Emerging Infectious Diseases, the study is based on the molecular characterization of 36 isolates of the virus from civilian adults with acute respiratory illness in the northeastern U.S. between 2011 and 2015. Researchers found that the virus variants that had most frequently been detected among military service members before vaccine protocols were reinstated in 2011 were also found in most of the civilian samples as well. The findings, according to the study, suggest that adenovirus Type 4 may be an underestimated cause of acute respiratory disease among adults in the general population.

Adenovirus Type 4 respiratory illnesses are preventable with a vaccine that was exclusively licensed for military use--in fact, the vaccine "dramatically" reduced the number of adenovirus infections in basic training camps after its use was reinstated in 2011.

"On the basis of the severity of the clinical presentation of some cases in this study, the (adenovirus Type 4) vaccine currently licensed for military use should be considered a potentially valuable resource to prevent disease in susceptible populations living in closed communities, such as college settings, summer camps and long-term care facilities," researchers wrote.

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Title Annotation:HEALTH FINDINGS: The latest public health studies and research
Author:Krisberg, Kim
Publication:The Nation's Health
Date:Apr 1, 2018
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