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WiTopia.Net Announces Secure Wireless Networks Made Easy and Inexpensive with New Business Pricing; RADIUS-Backed WPA/802.1x/802.11i Wireless Security with Management Portal for only $10 a year per Wireless Access Point and $1 a year per User.

RESTON, Va. -- WiTopia.Net announced today immediate availability of its SecureMyWiFi(TM) solution for business. The revolutionary service approach utilizes WiTopia's hosted systems and RADIUS servers to secure wireless networks and encrypt all users' wireless data whether employees are home-based or located in offices around the globe.

"The portability of corporate and personal data on laptops, PDAs, and Smartphones has opened up a new security hole for businesses and individuals", said Bill Bullock, WiTopia Co-founder. "With HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, zombie PCs, and identity theft grabbing headline after headline, businesses cannot just concern themselves with securing data on the company LAN. They also need to address the employee who broadcasts unencrypted proprietary data over an unsecured wireless network at a public hotspot or in their home."

All wireless users and access points are managed via a provided secure web portal. The web interface is also customizable for companies wishing to resell wireless security solutions provided by WiTopia. Channel program details are forthcoming, but interested parties may contact the company through its website.

Customers can self-configure their APs or purchase "plug and play" wireless networks from WiTopia. Online quoting is available at

"Refreshingly uncomplicated, WiTopia provides the docs and support to get an AP and its wireless clients connected in about 10 minutes -- complete with an online management interface," said Seth Fogie, wireless security analyst for and author of several books on the subject. "For additional access points and users, it's just wash, rinse, repeat."

Unlike competing solutions, the service requires no additional or customer-provided software or hardware and is compatible with Windows XP/2000, Mac OSX, and Linux.

"SecureMyWiFi provides all the necessary components to quickly secure almost any wireless network with WPA-Enterprise or 802.11i. This is important as both WEP and WPA-PSK are vulnerable to several attacks," said Fogie.

Because SecureMyWiFi(TM) can use dynamically-assigned IP addresses from a phone company, cable provider, or other ISP, an enabled wireless access point can be unplugged and relocated anywhere in the world with an active broadband Internet connection - reinitiating a secure link to WiTopia's systems in seconds.

"This feature is compelling for many reasons, but being able to instantly set up a secure wireless network wherever you are and add encrypted users in seconds over a web interface is downright cool," said Bullock.

But, perhaps the most amazing thing about SecureMyWiFi(TM) is the pricing.

"You really can't beat their price point unless you are willing to deal with Linux and FreeRADIUS," said Fogie.

About WiTopia

WiTopia, a division of Full Mesh Networks, Inc., simplifies the complexities of wireless networking and security to allow everyone to enjoy WiFi technology safely. For more information, go to or call 1.877.WITOPIA (948.6742).
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jun 14, 2005
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