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Why you get 'hangry' and how GrabFood can help you get through.

Why you get 'hangry' and how GrabFood can help you get through !-- -- #GutomFeels is real

MANILA, Philippines Have you found yourself getting into a really bad mood because of hunger? There's actually a scientific basis for this. A study published in the journal "Emotion" by researchers at the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) shows that hunger can impact our moods and even behaviors like aggression and impulsivity, as explained by its lead researcher Jennifer MacCormack.

The study's co-author Kristen Lindquist, an assistant professor in Psychology and Neuroscience at UNC, says, "People in our studies were more likely to feel intense negativity in general when they were hungry and something bad happenedsuggesting that feeling hungry can turn up the dial on lots of negative emotions such as anger, stress or disgust." Here are some instances when that "hangry" feeling can get you triggered.

1. Getting stuck in traffic It's been hours since your last meal and now you are sitting helplessly in another episode of carmageddon along the city's main thoroughfares.

At the same time, you know that there's nothing to eat at home because you haven't had time to do your groceries. In a fit of anger, you give the guy who cut you off a long, loud blast from your car horn.

2. Long meeting It's been two hours since your boss called everyone in the conference room to talk about your company's latest campaign.

You want be more enthusiastic about it, but your last trip to the pantry was three hours ago. You eyeroll at your seatmate as your junior officer puts on his pabibo moves on the boss.

3. Overtime, again This is the third time this week you've had to pull in overtime to make the payroll for this month.

You sulk in the darkened office, missing dinner, and sure that you'll be there for a couple more hours, with your group merienda a distant memory. 4.

Group work on a deadline You have to present a skit in school tomorrow, it is 9 p.m.

, and your group is not even done making the script. Everyone is out of ideas and all the noise that can be heard is the collective rumbling of your tummies.


With all these hangry situations, GrabFood has a solution. What's more is that you can now beat hunger and stop getting hangry at any time of the day because the reliable food delivery service now available through the Grab app 24/7. As GrabFood noticed that the demand for late-night food deliveries has grown 13x since March, it has teamed up with over 1,000 restaurant-partners in Metro Manila and Cebu to allow 24/7 deliveries in at least 20 locations, including Manila, Makati, Quezon City, Pasig, Pasay, Paraaaque, Las Piaas, Marikina, Muntinlupa, San Juan, Caloocan, Valenzuela, Mandaluyong, Malabon, Pateros, Navotas, Taguig, Cebu City, Lapu-lapuand Mandaue.

"With the rapidly growing hectic lifestyle, Filipinos now demand more convenient ways of addressing their daily needs. We at GrabFood recognize the need to empower Filipinos to beat hunger anytime," says GrabFood Head EJ dela Vega.

With the upgraded food delivery service through the Grab super app, hungry Pinoys can now have their fill of chicken meals from Mcdonald's, KFC, Bon Chonand Bully Buffalo Wing Bar, along with their cravings from Burger King, Chatime, Jamba Juiceand Happy Lemon. GrabFood also has #GutomGone promos with partner establishments that offer free food and drinks for minimum orders, as well as food bundles and buy-one-get-one offers that will bring greater value to their leveled-up food experience.

GUTOMGONE promo code also entitles customers to free delivery for P400 and up purchases from participating restaurants. Loyal customers of partner establishments can now avail of a special digital stamp promo that will reward them with P50 vouchers that they can use for their next food orders.

Grab President Brian Cu talks about how the 24/7 GrabFood service can help power Filpinos towards better productivity. "As the leading super app with a strong delivery arm, Grab is in a unique position to empower Filipinos to make the most of their everyday lives.

This starts with the most basic yet important task of satisfying their basic cravings and beating hunger at any time." Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.
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