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Why we love toy boys; MORE FUN & BETTER IN BED SAY WOMEN.

Byline: By CLAIRE KING, 42 who has dated JOHN ROBSON, 30

A TOY boy seems to be the must have accessory. Supermodel Kate Moss, 31, has been showing off 20-year-old Jamie Burke on the ski slopes of Aspen, Colorado, while Sadie Frost, 40, has looked blissfully happy while on holiday with 25-year-old Andy Jones in Dubai.

So what is it that draws the older woman to the younger man? Bad Girls star Claire King, 42 should know as she has dated model and actor John Robinson, 30, after a fling with jockey Fergal Lynch, 25.

And here's her advice for anyone thinking about dating a toy boy...

'I've never had a problem dating younger men. I like them and they like me.

You can't help who you're attracted to - and why the hell should you worry about those people sounding off about toys boys and cradle snatching.

The first man I dated after my marriage broke up was 14 years younger than me. We just clicked and the age difference didn't come into it. And if I accepted a date with every younger guy that seems to find me attractive, then my diary would be full nearly every night of the week. And a girl needs her beauty sleep, especially if she's past 35!

Younger men are very keen and eager to see you satisfied while some older men can be set in their ways and more interested in themselves.

Being a successful and independent woman is probably a major turn-on to younger guys who are a lot more worldly wise. Besides, a younger men can be a great reminder of how fun life can be, especially when you've passed your late 30s.

The kind of woman who tends to go for a younger man is emotionally more independent. She doesn't need a man to underline her status or security and she can make an honest and objective choice about who she wants to spend her time with.

No one is saying a younger man is forever, but that's what's so liberating. Young men don't expect to pay for you so there's an element of being in control. It's also a great ego boost to know a younger man finds you attractive.

Men have always dated much younger women and people barely raise an eyebrow. So it's time we girls did just as we want. If a younger man pleases you then go for it, what's the harm?

I hope Kate Moss doesn't take any heed of people criticising her new relationship. He seems a nice guy and if he helps her to get her life back on track then that's to be encouraged.

The same goes for Sadie. So what if the guy she's with is 10 years younger?

There's freedom in going out with a younger guy who wants nothing more from you than the pleasure of your company.

You can enjoy yourself without the pressure of endless discussions about marriage and babies.

Right now I'm happy dating whoever suits me at the time. And if he happens to be someone younger than me, then lucky for him!

Toyboys are all about enjoying the moment... the nights in bed and the wasted Sunday afternoons that aren't spoilt by the possibility that it might not last forever.

Although in some cases you never know it just might!

So wake up fellas, young and old. It's time to recognise that life and fun and great sex don't need to stop just because you've reached a certain age.'


MADONNA, 47 GUY RITCHIE, 37 THE Queen of Pop has been married to Lock Stock director Guy for five years. She still ages well - but Guy can only mourn his receding hair.' DEMI MOORE, 42 ASHTON KUTCHER, 27 DEMI secretly married Ashton in September - and the Tinseltown golden couple could almost pass as a pair of young sweethearts.' KATE MOSS, 31 JAMIE BURKE, 20 HAS swopped troubled ex, Pete Doherty, 26, for Jamie, an apsiring singer-songwriter and pal of Sam Branson, son of Virgin's Richard.' CAMERON DIAZ, 33 JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, 24 AN item for nearly three years. She is the Charlie's Angels star and he is the ex-boyfriend of Britney Spears They met at a belching contest!' JOELY RICHARDSON, 40 JOHN HENSLEY, 27 IF rumours are to believed Joley dated her Nip/Tuck co-star John, who plays her son in the hit TV series, for 18 months.' FRANCESCA ANNIS, 61 RALPH FIENNES, 43 THEIR love has defied the age gap for a decade. They met during a stage version of Hamlet in London and both left partners to be together.' AMANDA REDMAN, 46 ADAM RAYNER, 26 ACTRESS Amanda had a passionate affair with Adam for 18 months. She says: "If you are with someone you like, age doesn't matter."' SADIE FROST, 40 ANDY JONES, 25 VIRT UALLY inseparable since November. Sadie and the ex-Hollyoaks star, can't keep their hands off each other... Picture: CRUISEPICTURES.COM Picture: RICHARD YOUNG/REX
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jan 8, 2006
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