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Why they have to live in secret.

Mum, Dad, I'm gay. For a few people, telling their parents about their sex life is as easy as that.

For many, it involves a lot of stammering, confusion and changing the subject before you get to the point.

And for some unlucky men and women, it may mean losing your home, your job or your children.

And just because of what you do (or want to do) in bed.

Being different doesn't make you less of a human being, though many churchgoers believe otherwise.

And it doesn't stop parents of gay children blaming themselves, asking where they went wrong. At school or at work, friends either develop an insatiable curiosity about gay sex - "so what do you actually DO in bed?".

Or they avoid you entirely, thinking: "I'm a man. He's a man. He must fancy me." (Wrong).

To avoid the pain, many men and women never come out, hiding who they really are in case it hurts people they love or care about.

And it's those gay men and lesbians who suffer most.
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Author:D'Angelo, Dominic
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Apr 9, 1998
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