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Why the wedge? It adds light and width to the stairway.

Why the wedge?

It adds light and width to the stairway

Narrowing a narrow kitchen hardly seems logical when contemplating a remodel. But for this kitchen in Redondo Beach, California, letting a dramatic wedge elbow its way into the space was the most useful and esthetic solution to a problem. The wedge became necessary when a new downstairs master suite began to take shape. Dark and narrow, the old basement stairway was hardly an appropriate passageway to the new space. The wedge adds light and 8 inches of width to the now-generous stairway--and an unmistakable design element in the kitchen. Detailed to put every bit of space to use, cabinets run right into the sloping wall. A wine rack on the upper cabinets plays off the grid pattern of the glass block in the wedge. The lower abutting cabinets feature wedge-shaped pull-out bins. The counter on the other side of the corridor kitchen extends into a new greenhouse window, added to get more light into the kitchen and stairwell. Designer was Pete Moyer, Westchester, for Cheryl and Michael Montelongo.

PHOTO : Wedge slices through Pullman kitchen. Storage areas on left take advantage of triangular

PHOTO : spaces. Behind sink (above), granite countertop extends into greenhouse window pop-out

PHOTO : Stairstepping glass block in wedge wall lets light from kitchen (natural through the

PHOTO : greenhouse window, artificial from fixtures in ceiling) illuminate the adjacent stairwell

PHOTO : down to new master suite
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Date:Apr 1, 1990
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