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Why the game is more beautiful than ever; It's the sexiest yet. Susan Lee on why this is the best World Cup so far . . .

THIS World Cup has been a major result - and I'm not talking about how many goals have landed in the net.

For pure, unadulterated sex appeal there has simply been nothing like it.

The firm thigh muscles, those rippling six packs, the parade of gluteus maximus on show - and that's just the telly pundits.

Girly and shallow it might be to shout phwoar!!! at the entire Italian team but it's also absolutely necessary.

It's a testosterone-fuelled festival featuring the fittest, richest and most glamorous men on earth. What's not to enjoy?

And don't believe all those fluttery feminine articles in the magazines urging tips on `how to survive the World Cup' and `how to keep your man interested in you instead of Sven's tactics'.

Just abandon yourself to the beautiful game and the beautiful men who play it Leading the homegrown field, of course, is our David. He might have a funny hairdo and a squeaky voice but the bloke oozes sex appeal. Mr Beckham is also apparently a great dad, a quality which makes him even more attractive. Snapping at his heels, though, comes the boyishlycute Owen Hargreaves while Trevor Sinclair and Joe Cole both score in the talent-off-thefield stakes.

There are even women of a certain age who would throw their hat in the ring for Sven himself - although that perma tan might have to be toned down.

But it's in the foreign camps where the blokes really score.

Mat Holland's Irish charm and twinkly eyes and the roughand ready acrobatic charms of Robbie Keane make them the editedhighlights of the Irish team while leading the field for Spain comes the darkly handsome Raul Gonzalez Blanco.

Sad to say we won't see any more of French hunk Emmanuel Petitt now this has team are out of the cup but there's always Italy's Francesco Totti and his piercing eyes to swoon over.

And if it's hot sofa action you're after there's the chirpy chappy charisma of Gary Lineker or the darkly brooding good looks of Alan Hansen to enjoy during half time.

Even Terry Venables shouldn't be discounted, having taken over from Des Lynam as housewives' choice.

So you see, it's true what they say - football is better than sex.

It lasts longer and you get 22 men giving it their all instead of just the one.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jun 12, 2002
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