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Why the Real World is a terrible place.

Byline: sally bailey

WHAT would you do for your five minutes of fame? Audition for a talent show? Get it on with a footballer and sell the story? Or would you enter into a new reality TV show whereby you run the risk of "non-consensual physical activity" leading to the possible contraction of sexual infections such as HIV? Nah. I'm OK thanks you can have the fame and you can keep it.

Sadly, though, wannabe contestants were queuing up in their droves to take part in new US reality TV show the Real World where the contract reportedly stipulates they must accept the risk of the aforementioned, erm, problems if taking part in the show.

It is certainly a new low for the world of reality TV, sinking to ever darker, murkier depths than previously thought possible. Beyond disgusting in fact.

Yet people were auditioning which makes me wonder - is there no limit to what people will do in the pursuit of fame? Let's hope they read the small print in the contract and won't have a nasty shock when they get on the show... .

Oh and participants in Real World must also accept that producers may portray them in a "false light". Oh, right then - even better.
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Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 28, 2011
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