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Why rush?

Why rush? One of the back-stories in OPEC is the three-year-long pissing match between Iran, Saudi Arabia and Iraq over the next secretary general. Abdalla El-Badri's maximum of two terms ended in December 2012. Iran, Saudi Arabia andIraq each proposed their own nationalsfor the post. None will back down. But OPEC operates under a rule of unanimity. So Badri has been reappointed for an additional six months at every semi-annual meeting. News reports in Nigeria say that country will now try to break the impasse by nominating Mohammad Barkindo, former head of Nigeria's state oil company, for the post at the July meeting. But there is still no sign that Iran, Saudi Arabia and Iraq are all prepared to back down.

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Title Annotation:Tidbits and Morsels: A column of musings on news that might otherwise go unnoticed.
Publication:Iran Times International (Washington, DC)
Date:Apr 8, 2016
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