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Why most cancer research is doomed to fail.

Have you ever wondered why the billions of dollars spent on cancer research hasn't produced a cure for most cancers? I think one explanation for the rising rates of various cancers is our constant exposure to toxic substances. Not just major exposure like spraying fields of vegetables with pesticides, or working in a dry cleaner's store, but smaller amounts of toxins like those found in low concentrations in our air, water, food, and cosmetics.

Tiny amounts of cancer-promoting chemicals are constantly bombarding us and causing changes in our hormone balance. They mimic estrogen, a known hormone disruptor, interrupting hormone dependent pathways. And we've known that high levels of toxic heavy metals can lead to cancer and other serious illnesses. Now the news is much worse. Low levels are harmful, too.

Recent studies out of Dominican University of California made a disturbing finding. They discovered that the longer breast cancer cells are exposed to small amounts of the heavy metal cadmium, the more aggressive the cells become and the more likely it is that the cancer will spread. Cadmium is not just dangerous for people whose occupation exposes them to high amounts. It's dangerous for all of us.

Unfortunately, there's no way to avoid low levels of cadmium. It's a byproduct from mining and refining copper and lead that permeates our environment. It's also found in cigarette smoke and rechargeable batteries. So even if you try to avoid cadmium, you can't. It's already throughout our air, water, and soil.

There is, however, something you can do to keep these low levels of cadmium from harming you. Some substances can bind to it and remove it from your body. The one I've found with the best scientific research behind it is a combination of modified citrus pectin and alginate. These two are combined in PectaSol[R] Detox Formula (PDF). I've personally seen it work well on patients and on myself.

Studies show that this formula not only removes cadmium; it also binds to lead, arsenic, and mercury. In my opinion, we should all be taking one or two capsules of PDF morning and night every day we're exposed to these toxic metals. And we're exposed to them every single day. Any woman who has had breast cancer is at high risk genetically for getting breast cancer, or who is worried about ever coming down with breast cancer should be taking PDF on a daily basis.

Don't ignore the dangers of heavy metal toxicity just because you feel fine. People often feel fine when they're diagnosed with cancer, heart disease, and other serious illnesses. Pay attention to good scientific studies and take action when you can--especially when there's an effective solution. Your exposure to low levels of toxic cadmium increases your risk for breast cancer, but PDF lets you render it harmless and reduces your risk.

Don't wait for mainstream cancer research to find a solution to breast cancer. We've already found one effective solution. Environmental toxins are responsible for many of our cancers, and PDF removes them from your body. You can order PDF by calling 800-791-3395.

Eliaz, I., et al. "The effect of Modified Citrus Pectin on urinary excretion of toxic elements," Phytotherapy Research, 11 July 2006.

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Title Annotation:May 2013
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Date:May 1, 2013
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