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Why mice love our suburban homes.

Byline: Marie Wilson

If there's a mouse in your house ... well, it was bound to happen.

There's a saying in the pest control industry: There are two types of houses -- ones that have mice problems and ones that are going to have mice problems. Another saying: If you see one mouse, there are likely six more.

This is the time of year when those problems crop up.

Mice typically live outdoors, surviving on grass seed, bird seed, pet food and garbage until temperatures get too low, experts say. As frost and deep cold set in, the rodents look for a warm home, be it in our houses, garages or offices -- or even in the covers on our air-conditioning units.

While local members of the National Pest Management Association say there are no indications this year's mouse infestation is any worse than those of the past two years, Anderson Pest Solutions, with offices throughout the region, has seen a 270 percent increase in mouse calls across the suburbs when comparing October to this July.

Which shows these pesky rodents are on their way inside, where they'll start snacking on pantry items and making babies. If ignored, the problem will only grow.

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Publication:Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)
Date:Nov 19, 2018
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