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Why leave it to the Sharks?

PROFESSIONAL hockey returns to the Bay Area this fall for the first time since the San Francisco Seals packed off to Cleveland in 1976. The San Jose Sharks take to the ice for their inaugural season home opener on October 5 at San Francisco's Cow Palace, where they'll play other NHL teams for the next two years while awaiting completion of their permanent arena in San Jose.

For fans who are inspired to take a more active interest in the sport, a number of choices let children of all ages and adults participate in hockey-related activities around the Bay Area. Even novices who don't know a Zamboni from a zucchini can find programs that will teach them how to handle a stick and puck on ice or dry land.

Ice hockey. Eight youth clubs throughout northern California sponsor competitive play at local ice rinks. Each offers a three- to six-week beginner program that teaches the basic skills of skating and hockey. To find a club in your area, call the Norcal Junior Hockey Association at (415) 578-0108.

Adults who want to relive their glory days at the rink or try hockey for the first time can sign on with one of 45 Bay Area teams; call Hockey North America at (415) 586-4240. Eight-week training sessions include all levels.

Street hockey. As part of their effort to get young people excited about the sport, the Sharks are supplying sticks, plastic pucks, nets, protective goalie equipment, and rule manuals for street hockey to community centers throughout the Bay Area. Call your nearest center to find out if it's participating; if it's not, call the Sharks' community development director at (408) 287-4275 to ask how to get a program started.

Roller hockey. Although this fast-paced alternative to hockey has been around for years, the advent of in-line skates has spurred an upsurge in the sport's popularity. So far, teams and games have sprung up somewhat informally at playgrounds in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Sacramento. The Sharks are looking into organizing teams into a state league. To find out if skaters play regularly in your area, call the Outdoor Roller Skating Association of America at (415) 864-5819.
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Title Annotation:San Jose Sharks hockey team
Date:Nov 1, 1991
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