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Why don't we feel the Earth move?

Hey, kids! Scarlett Fox here, having a terrific time answering your questions. You keep reminding me that there are so many wonders in the world to wonder about. . . .

Why don't we feel the Earth move?

Tanya Reynolds; Glassport, PA

That's a good question, since the Earth is moving all the time! It spins like a top, making a full turn once a day. It circles the sun once a year. It even moves through space with the whole solar system.

You don't feel all this movement because you're moving right along with the Earth--held in place by gravity.

It's like riding in a quiet car along a smooth, straight road at a steady speed. If you roll up the windows and shut your eyes, you hardly know the car is moving--unless it speeds up, slows down, changes direction, or goes over a bump.

Because the Earth is so big (compared to you), it would have to take a really wobbly, bumpy, loopy spin in space before you'd ever feel it moving.

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Date:Sep 1, 1995
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