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Why can't broadband speed be increased?

I AM a Bahraini national and a recent university graduate living with my father in Isa Town. My father subscribed to a BD10 monthly broadband package rolled out years ago. But as a consumer, I am severely disappointed at the very slow speeds offered. The full downloading speed that I receive is 100 to 120 kilobytes per second, and as soon as the 2GB threshold is crossed within hours, the downloading speed drops drastically, ranging from only 10 to 25Kb per second for the rest of the month.

The low throttled speeds of 10 to 25Kb per second is not good enough to use the Internet the way it's meant to be used. Why can't the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) make every operator in Bahrain increase speeds to internationally acceptable levels, for internationally, or even regionally acceptable prices, while at the same time, convince all operators to forever drop the concepts of thresholds and throttled speeds from all of their packages? This situation of high prices and snail-crawling speeds has gone on for too long. Customers deserve justice and quality service for their hard-earned dinars.

Bahrain has always been celebrated as the most free market economy in the Arab world. But I do not see any free market competition for the provision of Internet services in Bahrain, which would only benefit Bahrainis and expatriates to enjoy high-speed Internet at competitively low costs, which is how a free market is meant to operate.

High-priced and yet slow-speed Internet is hurting everyone here, families, consumers, private businesses and homeowners. Is there not any way for the TRA to resolve this important issue for the benefit of Bahrain's people, economy and future generations?

Disappointed Bahraini

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Publication:Gulf Daily News (Manama, Bahrain)
Geographic Code:7BAHR
Date:Oct 24, 2012
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