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Why are terror suspects walking the streets at all?

THE economic practicality in watching terror suspects surely is not the issue here, the real issue is that the known terror suspects should not be walking our streets.

We have allowed known sympathetic terrorists to apply for British citizenship, we have allowed convicted terrorists back on our streets, we have housed, financed and given them medical aid, clothed them, fed them and educated them and yet they still hate us.

So why are we even bothering to watch them when what we should really be doing is rounding them up and deporting them. This is not about economic practicality it is about common sense and the safety of our citizens.

Their human rights should be secondary to the safety of our children. If they have British passports then they should be cancelled. After all most of them have dual nationalities. ST Vaughan, Yardley Wood

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:May 31, 2017
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