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Why am I having a nosebleed?

Byline: DR MIRIAM stoppard


A bleed that seems to come from the front of your nose. You''re guilty of picking your nose or blowing your nose very hard.

Repeated nosebleeds. You also have high blood pressure.

You''ve suddenly started to have nosebleeds. You get tired easily and you are feeling a bit-run down. Bruises are beginning to appear for no reason.

It could be:

Damage to the 'Little's area', just inside the middle of the nostril, which contains many delicate blood vessels and can be easily damaged.

Bleeding from the back of your nose due to hardening of the arteries, made worse by your high blood pressure.

A blood-clotting abnormality which could be down to any drugs you're taking, such as aspirin or blood thinning medicines (anticoagulants), or an illness like leukaemia.

Stop it:

Hold your head forward, squeeze your nostrils together and hold for two to three minutes to give the blood a chance to clot. If repeated, see your GP and the area can be cauterised.

Put your head forward and squeeze your nose at the bridge. And see your doctor for treatment and regular checks on your blood pressure.

Deal with it as above, and see your doctor for tests to find out what is causing this blood-clotting disorder to occur.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 12, 2015
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