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Why We Celebrate Co-op Month.


'Co-ops Commit' is the theme for National Cooperative Month 2017, a theme which co-ops are encouraged to add to or adapt in a way that will best reflect what their co-op sees as its core mission, or at least one aspect of that mission.

For USDA's Cooperative Month proclamation (see page 18), Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue has extended the theme to "Co-ops Commit to Members and Their Communities," reflecting the way co-ops not only make life better for their members, but for all the other people in a co-op's sphere of influence. That could extend from keeping more dollars close to home that are generated by the sale and processing of crops or livestock, to the way co-op-generated tax dollars help to support local schools, fire departments and other civic services.

The following series of articles were submitted by some of the nation's network of cooperative development centers, which USDA helps to support through its Rural Cooperative Development Grant program. The co-ops featured could adapt this year's theme in many other ways, such as: Co-ops Commit to Renewable Energy; Co-ops Commit to Helping Farmers; Co-ops Commit to Democracy and Dynamic Governance; Co-ops Commit to Worker-owned Businesses; Co-ops Commit to Better Home Care for Elderly and Disabled People"; even "Co-ops Commit to T-Rex Preservation." And if that last one doesn't bring home the flexibility of both the co-op business model and the types of work co-ops can do, nothing will!

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Publication:Rural Cooperatives
Date:Sep 1, 2017
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