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Why UK riots were NO Arab Spring; and a Chrisitan day in Ramadan!

Why UK riots are not like the Arab Spring "This photo might a bit explain the 'yob' culture Britain is currently facing. Obviously, I am referring the guy at the back (or right) not the one at the front who became a Prime Minister later. Some people call these young kids 'hoodies' as they usually wear hoodies as a sign of 'coolness' (or a face cover from the CCTV cameras as seen in the UK riots this week)."

Glorifying Virgin Mary in Ramadan "Today is Eid al 3adra, the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary to Heaven, and it falls during the Holy Month of Ramadan. Both Christians and Muslims will celebrate Our Lady -- or "Maryam" in the Holy Qur'an.

The last time Our Lady's Day was during the Holy Month of Ramadan was 33 years ago in 1978."

My School is Locked A tale of two foreign girls schooling with local Egyptians from pre-school level so as to pick up the language in a natural way while immersed. But their Arabic is not the focus so much as the school's tough measures with teachers (of course not a bad thing when children are at stake), and the children's perspective of what happened that day...

Wael Ghonim : 101 Activists' Media training Staying with Egypt:

"You can't deny that the revolution is currently in a very critical position especially with that the gap between the street and revolution's activists and major part of the problem lays on the activists."

Pakistan floods 2010 "As today (yesterday- Ed) is Pakistan Independence Day, marking the creation of Pakistan and Indian as separate nation states at the end of the British Raj on August 14, 1947 at midnight (India celebrates on the other side of midnight, August 15), it seemed a fitting day to post on the Pakistan floods of 2010, updated to 2011."

TOYOTA JORDAN: HAVING MORE LIKES ON YOUR ENTRY WILL INCREASE YOUR CHANCES TO WIN? "Promotions are an increasingly popular way for marketers to reach Facebook's 1,747,120 Jordanain Users on Facebook,after all, if you see an item in your news feed about a friend getting a free burger, or entering to win an iPad, you're quite likely to check out how you can get the same thing."

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Date:Aug 15, 2011
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