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Why Some Believe Camilla Is Not Yet Ready to Be Queen.

Camilla Parker Bowles may not be as popular as Prince Charles' first wife, Princess Diana, but there's no doubt that she'll become queen consort once the Prince of Wales ascends the throne. However, not everyone is thoroughly convinced that the Duchess of Cornwall is ready to handle the responsibilities of a queen just yet.

Apparently, there are doubts aboutA Camilla's ability to handle the undeniably busy schedule of a queen. According to ( Express , the Duchess of Cornwall only undertook 57 percent of Queen Elizabeth II's number of engagements this year so far.

The busiest royal so far this year is Princess Anne, who undertook a total of 137 official engagements. Meanwhile, Prince Charles is a close second with a total of 131 engagements.

Her Majesty, on the other hand, undertook a total of 122 royal engagements so far this year, which places her at the third spot. However, Camilla only appeared in 69 events this year, which is roughly around half of the Queen's workload.

Understandably, critics were not impressed with the figures. "None of the royals work hard, and Camilla is no different," the antimonarchy group Republic stated. "But if she expects to have the status and profile of being Britain's next Queen then she could at least turn up and do something."

The group even computed just how hard the duchess worked this year so far. "Royal engagements typically last just an hour, so by these figures Camilla has done 10 full days of work since January," Republic added.

Of course not everyone shares the group's sentiments. Many believe that just like Charles, Camilla isA also beingA preparedA for the role.

For instance, the Duchess of Cornwall was made ( Grand Dame Cross of the Royal Victorian Order back in 2012 by Her Majesty. A few years later, the QueenA also appointed Camilla into the Privy Council in 2016.

Last year, Camilla was also very active in doing tasks for the Crown andA appeared in a total of 219 engagements.A This is reported to be more than the number of engagements undertaken by other royals, such as Prince Harry and Kate Middleton.

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