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Why People Kill Themselves: A 1990s Summary of Research Findings on Suicidal Behavior.

This volume reviews theory and research published on suicide in the 1980s. Chapters include: the inheritance of suicidal inclinations, physiological factors in suicide, sex differences, childhood experiences, sociological theories, the reliability and validity of suicide rates, sociological correlates, the variation of suicide over time, multivariate time series and regional studies of suicide rates, meteorological correlates, the effects of social relationships on suicide, methodological issues, the suicidal act, the incidence of suicide, the method chosen for suicide, those who make repeated attempts, communication and the suicidal act, psychiatric disorder, medical illness, suggestion and suicide, aggression, the personality of suicidal people, suicidal types, other self-destructive behaviors, suicidal behavior in lower animals, and psychological theories. In the concluding section of several of the chapters, the author has made some general criticisms of the research reviewed and suggested some important issues, often methodological, which ought to be addressed in future research. In the final chapter, some areas of study which seem to be characterized by enormous methodological difficulties are singled out.
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Date:Mar 22, 1993
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