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Why No One Can Succeed Overnight: The Case for Tech Giants As Well.

Is there really such a thing as overnight success? Is it real or is it just a myth? In extremely rare cases, overnight success may have happened but these occurrences are one in a million. It's just like winning the lottery.

In this new, fast-paced generation, people always want instant gratification. People see "alleged" instant success stories in media according to Huffington Post's Carolyn Gregoire. News and features like these uphold a sense of misconception in the publics' eye. It gives a misconstrued idea that success can easily be attained through sheer luck, or being at the right place at the right time.

Money doesn't grow on trees. The same basic principle goes for success. Overnight success is just a myth. Although achieving success requires both talent and a bit of luck, it demands more than that. Hard work and resilience are necessary ingredients in the formula for success. Successful people say that the secret is in "doing things."

Planning is essential, but plans are just ideas that sit around until you actually do them. The key is in the incessant and unwavering effort to do things. Successful people do not give up. Even Alibaba founder Jack Ma had work for many years before his company took off. Alibaba broke records during its IPO introduction according to Wired valuing it more than Amazon and eBay.

This new internet generation (involving tech giants) is no different from past generations. The secrets to success have always been the same. The overnight success stories we see in the news or web do not tell the complete picture. They only show the success part, but they do not necessarily show the rough roads these people have to be more realistic with their perceptions. It's always best to know the truth behind the success. Here are just some truths that people need to know:

1. Success takes action. You have to "do" and "keep on doing." Do not just quit.

2. Success requires hardwork, persistence and resilience. Do not rely only on luck and talent; they are not enough.

3. Failure is almost always a route to success. Learning from failure is a stepping stone to success.

4. Big breaks do not come overnight. In the course of doing things, opportunities come. As you go about your journey, immediately cease the opportunity when you see it. Work on it for the long haul.

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Date:Sep 30, 2014
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