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Why It's China's Turn To Worry About Manufacturing.

China's manufacturing is subject to the same forces that eroded US manufacturing: competition from nations with low-wage workers anxious to boost skills and fast-moving technological advances that hike productivity. Writing in the Washington Post, Vivek Wadhwa reports that Neil Jacobstein of Singularity University identifies artificial intelligence, robotics and digital manufacturing as three technologies that "will reshape the competitive landscape for manufacturing" and "make manufacturing more creative, less expensive, more local and more personal." A sign of the times was in a news report that Foxconn Technology, which manufactures Apple products, would be employing a million robots in its plants. Wadhwa points out that such technologies combined will lead to processes and products not yet imagined in manufacturing - and that could lead to a new burst of innovation and entrepreneurship for the US and beyond. - YaleGlobal

Artificial intelligence, robotics and digital technologies will make manufacturing more creative and local

Vivek Wadhwa

The Washington Post, 12 January 2012

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Author:Wadhwa, Vivek
Publication:YaleGlobal Online
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Date:Jan 12, 2012
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